I've been revised

OUCH !!! ------- :frowning:

A Revision. Thats what they call the second Hip Replacement in a month.

This time it was a bonefied emergency. I was sleeping when the hip went into a spasm
and dislocated itself.

Not exactly the way I wanted to spend my morning.

Or the next Six days in the hospital for that matter.

I’d been doing so well that I was starting to think of going back to work.

Ain’t gonna happen now I guess.

I do have an almost complete artificial Hip slightly damaged for any of you hard core “do
it your selfers” out there.— :slight_smile:

The DR said that I didnot do anything wrong.

Anyone know of anyone that had problems like that?

Jeez, no. I mean, it sounds horrible! My left knee dislocates and that is, for me, a ten on my personal pain scale. I can’t even imagine having a hip go out. Just the thought makes me shudder.

Sorry to hear you’re going back in for repairs – tell them to get it right this time! And keep us posted.


Fiat Justitia

It’s all done.

It went out a total of four times. Three times in one day. two of those were at the hospital though.

I was all hooked up to the right plumbing though. Demerol is some great stuff.

Those two times were tests. One of them was done by the Surgeon that put it in.
I was too busy with the pain but my wife said his face turned white when he saw how easy it went out.

I’d just as soon forget that part. It’s almost all new and getting better.

Just a lot more time healing (boring).

I already feel better than I did before the first operation. So I guess it’s worth it. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your recovery. Let’s hope the worst of it is over. :slight_smile:


Fiat Justitia