My new mail carrier...

Is a smoking hot blond woman who wears cat-eye glasses and who makes the ridiculous Summer uniform alluring. Of this, I heartily approve.

That is all.

Send her roses.
At your local post office.

Don’t let the kids selling magazine subscriptions find out or you’ll end up getting 3 issues of Vogue every month.

Cat-eye glasses?

It’s a style of frames for glasses that has a raised and slightly pointed outer rim which makes it look more like a cat’s eyes.


They’re baack!

I was thinking of something very, very different…

I think of those as frumpy and old-fashioned, and possibly stereotypical. Obviously things have moved on.

You just never know where or when you’ll encounter a smokin’ hot female type of person that you might or might not ever see again.

About a month ago hanging around the airport we got a flight of six or seven cute little RV airplanes (they’re sporty little kits that you buy and build-them-yourself) that came in, flying in formation, to gas up. Now it so happens that our glider clubhouse is next to the gas pumps.

So we got a radio call from one of the pilots – a female voice – asking for someone from glider ground crew to come over for some reason.

We found THIS really cute little RV airplane (among several others) (it’s the one in the foreground in this pic), piloted by THIS pilot. Yes, really! She wanted know if we had a bottle of water she could have.

I don’t mean to imply that I plan on crushing up on her or anything. Your take away point is that, all other things being equal, I prefer to have my mail delivered by a smoking hot blond woman rather than by a man who looks like a construction of beef jerky and doubleknit polyester.

Many years ago, an Ice-Cream truck came through our neighborhood (The first and only time in 20 years), and *OH MY GOD! *:eek:

Best lookin’ woman I’ve ever seen!

Pretty topical for me. My previous carrier, Amy, was eye candy too. If I happened to spot her before she made it to my location I made it a point to be at my box when she came by. Friendly gal but 20 years too young. Sorry for being sexist, but she was definitely eye candy for this 63 year old pervert.

Amy left for a year in England a few weeks ago.

To me, anyone surrounded by ice cream is sure to look gorgeous.

I always wish for that when I hear a pretty name and I am usually disappointed but not always. One notable time was when I had an incredibly painful scratched cornea that was made worse even by sound. I had to go to the ophthalmologist regularly for two weeks. His assistant walked in and I recoiled in pain because my eyes instinctively dilated. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen and that was not the time for it. I had to do that every day for a week with her standing right in front of me touching my face at breast level.

Another time was when I got a call from a headhunting agency about a potential job. I got set up with “Margo” who I thought I knew pretty well after a few phone calls. She was just a middle-aged, frumpy woman right? I finally had to meet her in person and the name and voice did not match at all. It turns out that Margo should have been a supermodel. I talked with her for an hour in her private office but I was so distracted that I blew the interview even for things that I knew perfectly well.

Heh. I’m eternally grateful I only had phone interviews on one of my jobs. When I actually met the director in person I was a blithering idiot and I know I would have flubbed an in-person interview terribly. He was super handsome but also had the whole charisma thing going.

About the name thing, I’m named Gwendolen and I can imgaine what people might think a Gwendolen looks like. Picture the opposite and that’s me :slight_smile:

I once had my gas turned off due to some road construction in front of my house. They sent us a message that if we had any problems with any gas appliances after the gas was turned back on, to call the gas company and they would come out and get them going again for us (basically relight the pilot light on them). So I called the gas company and they sent out a person to safely re-light our pilot light on our hot water heater, and WOWZERS, was she hot! I mean, she was sexy… really sexy. It was all I could do to keep my composure. Then, as quick as she arrived, she was gone.

One of the local snow cone vendors resembled Guy Gilchrist’s version of Fritzi Ritz but with Latina heritage. Haven’t seen her cart since her corner got fenced off for redevelopment.

She probably leaves quickly before the homeowner can start up with “C’mon baby light my fire”.