My Newest Crusade: 'Funner' and 'Funnest' should be a-ok

I think that the non-words ‘Funner’ and ‘Funnest’ should be made officially a-ok by Them and They. I don’t think it should ever be wrong, especially for little kids to say “That was the most funnest ride I ever went on!” or “I don’t think baseball is more funner than football.” It is fun to say and hear the word ‘Funner’ and I think that is all that matters. In my mind ‘more fun’ just doesn’t have the same punch as ‘more funner’. ‘More funer’ is more exuberanter. And how musth more enthusiasms is declaring something to be the ‘more funnest’ as opposed to ‘most fun’? See my point?

We need these words!

I demand these words!

Who is with me on this one?

Now my organization just neeeds a good title that forms a nice acronym

I know what you mean. Everything is more funner when I’m with my bestest friend, you know?

I always thought that the past tense of “snow” should be “snew”.

Like grow – grew, throw – threw, blow – blew

“Get your skis! It’s snew last night!”

I agree. However, the problem that formalists have is not that you’re using funner instead of more fun. The problem is that you’re using fun as an adjective at all. To wit:

Today was a fun day, but tomorrow I expect an even funner day.

is no worse than

Today was a fun day, but tomorrow I expect an even more fun day.

You’ve dropped into the realm of informality by using a fun day in the first place. As soon as this usage become accepted, funner and funnest should soon follow.

Sounds good to me! You have my persmission :wink:

This thread hurts my ears.

No funning way.