My night out at a drag show.

So last Saturday some friends of mine talked me into going out for a comedy show. Hell, I love live performances and Mrs duffer was out with her friends. So off we go. Paid the $5 at the door, ordered a round of shots and beer, and settle in for some entertainment.

There’s a woman at the DJ set-up and another woman with a guitar doing kind of an opening act singing a couple of original songs. I didn’t think much of it since they were actually women, the songs were decent and I was expecting the show to start soon. Then the emcee takes the stage and I immediately think, “There’s something kind of funny looking about her.” “She’s” telling a few jokes and I realize that not only are the puchlines familiar, but so is the voice in a vague kind of way.


I look at my friend and his wife in a sort of confused way and say, “Isn’t that…?”

Says he, “Yup. It’s Johnny. He’s gone drag.” :smack: I should have known.

(Johnny is a friend of thiers I’ve met a few times several years ago. They moved to FL and recently moved back. So it’s been a few years since I’ve seen any of them. And yes, Johnny is gay.)

So, being the type that can go with the flow, I get over the paranoia of being seen there before realizing anyone who saw me was also there. Eh, knee-jerk reaction to a never before experienced, well, experience.

It was wonderful! All the men were dressed as woman, women as men. (But you all knew that.) :slight_smile: There were a total of 8 performers each doing 3 sets. (Almost all from Fargo. This isn’t a regular thing.) The best was this guy that was so femme I might have hit on him in another situation thinking he really was a woman. (If I were still single, that is) Anyway, he did this burlesque-style number, complete with requisite costume that was absolutly hilarious.

The only thing I’ve seen of drag queens (and kings, I guess. What are the women called?) was on HBO’s Real Sex and various movies like **Julie Newmar ** and The Birdcage. I just figured it was all over the top stuff and so never gave it a second thought as viable entertainment for myself. This blew away all those preconceived notions.

All in all, I had a great time and would probably go again if I get the chance. BTW, it was held in a nightclub/concert bar and there were probably 80 or so people there. Mostly college kids, but a surprising amount of 30- and 40-something couples.

Is this generally how the shows are done or staged? Anyone else have an entirely different experience at one of the performances?