My First Drag Queen Show

I am so psyched! I went to my first drag show Saturday night. There were three performers in full drag doing lip-sync to pop songs and show tunes. It was soooo much fun.

The “girls” had a costume change after each set (1 or 2 songs). They all had wonderful, sparkly gowns.

I went out with two (lesbian) girlfriends and just had a mahvellous time.

I just had to share!


Glad you had a good time m’dear. I’m afraid that there’s many drag shows that are not as amusing, so I’m glad you saw a good one.

Now, when are you going to appear in one?

I must admit I once entered a drag talent quest and won my heat, miming energetically to Bette Midler singing “Leader of the Pack” dressed in black stilettos, black leather miniskirt, leopard skin blouse and with big ear-rings glued to my ears (the only way they would stay on when I ran up and down).

Now, back to Shakespeare.


:cool: I’m glad u had a good time …im a female impersonater myself and am always glad to see ppl enjoying themselves…Let me know if ur ever in baltimore,md. id like to show u around and and show off some talent that our city has to offer…wa havw several queens that have been and currently hold in the title of miss gay america …:slight_smile: :cool: :slight_smile:

Greetings to another Queer Doper, baltotop!

Ruby, drag shows are an often-misunderstood, often-underappreciated part of Queer culture. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the one you saw! Here in Montreal we have positively swarms of drag queens and wonderful drag shows. (Three words - “giant dancing vagina”.) My fave DJ is like the lady high empress of the city’s drag queens.

We also had a drag queen in Toronto who ran for mayor. She made a bid for head of the right-wing Canadian Alliance, but unfortunately couldn’t collect enough money to run. (If I hadn’t been a New Democrat, I would have joined the Alliance just to vote for her :wink: )

Yes, and LaurAnge never was the same after that night.

UncleBill and I were in Key West this past weekend, which coincidentally was the kickoff of the Conch Republic Independence Celebration. We were really looking forward to seeing the Drag Races on Duval Street, but it turned out the schedule we had was wrong, and we got there too late. Boo! :mad:

Yeah, I wasn’t sure whether I was attracted to them as women or men :wink:

I went to one once. My girlfriend of the time wanted to go, so we went with another girl and a guy (all hetero, just FTR). I went with some trepidation…but in fact, we had a blast! It was great fun, and some anonymous person bought us a round of drinks.


I don’t think I’m exactly what the crowd was looking for! :smiley:

I’m very excited for my first drag show. My family is taking my mom and godmother to Drag Brunch for Mother’s Day. They serve yummy treats and perform numbers. I can’t wait!