My nipple hurt from bodyboarding, what should I do?

Ok, so I’m in Australia for 6 months and in order to make the most of it, I decided to buy a cheap bodyboard at a garage sale. It was a good buy but the board is rough (on the side that the body goes) and when I use it, the general front side of my body hurts; especially my nipples.

My guess is that it’s because of the friction, any of you have an idea of how to prevent that? (I thought of oiling my nipples before going but that sounds a bit weird and it might get washed away by the salt water)

Is there anything available that I can put on my board so as tomake it less rough?

Also, do you have any general tips on bodyboarding/surfing as I’m still a beginner and get hurt a lot by the big waves.

Paging Esprix

Anyway… could you wax the board maybe, or coat it with some sort of clear laquer?

How about shaving first and then covering up with duct tape? I heard from someone that runners sometimes use duct tape to prevent runner’s nipple (or whatever it’s called).

Ta daaaaa!

Hmm…nipple guards hey!

Well, it sounds very interesting but I was kinda looking for something that won’t make people lough and point at me.
(I’ll keep the link though, just in case I have a nipple emergency)
And yes, I think some kind of wax might do it, does anyone have a specific idea as to what kind and where to find it (In Sydney if possible)?


Wear a t shirt.

Ummm… Go ahead and do it anyways and then have your significant other lick/rub them ‘all better’? lol

Buy a rashy. Also known as a rash-shirt.
Cost about $10 in any throw-out bin at a surf shop, unless you want name brands.
Will also protect you from sunburn.

Hope your nipples recover. I’ve been there and ouch!

I get a similar thing when I cycle long distances. The sweaty jersey rubs my nipples red raw. I now put a band-aid over them before I go out for a ride. Tip - shave the area before you apply band-aid other wise it’s a b!tch pulling all the hair out when you pull them off! Band-aids might look a bit daggy but it beats having sore nipples.

cool, thanks for the advice; I think I’ll try the rash thing…

thanks again!

Here are some pics of rash guards. I’m kind of partial to the second one . . .

Rash Guards