My Nominee for "Those Who Should Burn In Hell"

Gotcha! Advertising pushes the envelope

Excerpt from article:

“Called ‘guerrilla marketing,’ the idea is to catch increasingly finicky and jaded consumers unaware through highly unconventional – and sometimes shocking – means, including blanketing city landmarks with stickers of a company logo or using graffiti to paint a brand name.”

When will the a**holes go too far? Home Intrusion Advertising? Don’t I have a right to not be bothered? Or does all of humanity exist only to be advertising sponges?

Maybe it’s time for another great flood …

Let me get this straight.
Someone hires attractive young women to flash their panties at me. The panties have some sort of advertising on them.
And this a bad thing?

I don’t get it. Can someone explain that to me? Honestly, I see this as a good thing. Normally I would have to put a dollar there but hey if advertising will foot the bill for that view I’m fine with that.

OK, maybe bikinis are the least offensive to any red-blooded, American male. But what about graffiti? What if you’re trying to admire Mount Rushmore and some a**hole is projecting an ad all over it?

This is news?

Think bigger picture, Otto. Look past one incident. Where is the trend going?

What a cutie. So how would you advertise Hooters? Breast tattoos? I’m one of those people who has to feel the merchandise so this is a dengerous trend in advertising.

Since my idea of entertainment is Howard Stern and Jerry Springer playing water polo in a piranha filled pool I’d have to say NAY (reluctantly) but still NAY.

Well the graffiti incidents were met with fines and ‘bad’ press.

I live in NYC and work near Times Square. Trust me, I’ve seen some pretty weird ad gimicks.
One, I forget the film, but a movie was trying to this with some babes who had a backpack that had a flat screen tv mounted over the babes head and she was hoisting around the tv and whatever else (battery DVD player etc) so the scenes from the movie played over her head as and some helpers tried to get guys to watch the tv.