My payback to a pedophile.

The incidents I am going to go through below all took place when I was between the ages of 12-14. I’m sharing these incidents to give parents an idea what these sick people consider their hunting grounds, I was lucky he never really “got” me but it wasn’t for his lack of trying. A little luck on my part and instinctive street smarts saved me from some potentially scarring experiences. This happened to me in Canada.

Incident 1
It was my first week attending high school. Like most kids attending High School I was pretty nervous. There was no “school bus” for me to take so I was taking public transit, with the adults. You’d think a crowded bus with other adults would be safe.

I was sitting near the back of the bus on a seat parallel to the aisle. The bus was crowded a man in his thirties was standing in front of me, his arm resting on the support hanging from the ceiling of the bus shielding his face. One occasion his knees pressed against my legs hanging off the seat. I thought nothing of it since the bus was crowded. Then it happened again, I was slightly annoyed this time. Then it happened again but this time I knew it was intentional as he pressed hard. I looked up at him and gave him that “whats going on look” His response was to stick out his tongue in a suggestive sexual manner flickering it at me.

I was terrified, rang the bell and got of the bus at the next stop, luckily it was only a few blocks ahead of where I had to get off for school. Being the fast squirt I was I ran not looking back until I joined the the stream of other kids heading to school. I do remember telling my mother, nothing was done I recalled.
Incident 2
My friend and I where headed to a bus stop on a Saturday to do our usually comic book shop shopping and to hit some arcades, yes back then we had no PC games. On the way there who do I see staring at us on the opposite side of the street ? The pedophile. I told my friend about him and we ran to the bus stop. It was around the block, I thought we had lost him. And waited for the bus. I see our bus heading our way to our stop from down the street. And he comes running around the corner to catch the same bus. Shit I thought , what do I do. Safer on the bus I thought so we got on and so did he. For some dumb reason we sat at the back of the bus, it was empty. He of course sat at the back as well on the opposite side. At one point he scooted over and said to me “ I just want to tell you your fucking beautiful”

I told him to buzz off and we moved to the front of the bus close to the bus driver. Again terrified, we should of told the bus driver but never did, instead decided to ride the whole route of the bus or until he got off. Eventually he got off at a stop and we were eventually able to go were we needed to.
Incident 3
I was with another friend at the indoor public pool which as kids like to do from time to time on the weekends. My friends mother dropped us off and said she would be back in three hours to pick us up. We made our way to the locker room and low and behold who’s walking around naked amongst some other adults and children the pedophile. Again told my friend we had to get the fuck out of there. He noticed me. My friend called his mother, we explained it to her. She flipped , she took us back in explained it to management. They wanted me to identify him. But he was already gone.
Incident 4
I was in a local park with my mother and sister. Its a park with a large lake that is surrounded by rocky hills/ mountains walking trails and the main attraction was a cave system that can be explored with two large sinkholes. I see him again walking on the trail, he sees me. I tell my mother, for some reason she didn’t take me seriously about the “pervert”. Regardless I thought I should be safe If I stick close to mom. An hour or so goes by and there’s no sign of the pedo. I thought he was gone. I told my mom I was going to go climb on some rocks nearby. Out of sight from my mom while sitting on the rocks overlooking the lake I hear someone coming up from behind me. It was him, he was walking right for me. I bolted back to mom, told her about him. She went looking for him but he was gone.
Incident 4
Two weeks ago. I’m 38 now 6’2 and a lean 210 lbs.

I was at the Casino with my best buddy on a Friday night. We plaid some black jack won about 300 bucks, decided to go to one of the bars for a drink. We ordered a couple of beers I look over to my left and guess who’s sitting there sipping his drink ? Yup.

I knew it was him, much older now, but no doubt him. His face I’ll never forget. For a second I felt like that kid again. My bud was talking to me but not a word registered in my brain, as I dealt with a tons of emotions, fear and anger. I decided to go with anger. He looked over at me at one point. He didn’t appear he recognize me, I mean why would he right big difference between 14 and 38 right. I had never told my friend about this guy, I briefly explained it to him. He told me what ever you want to do I got your back. I said lets just play it cool for now. I switch positions with my friend so I could be in his direct lin e of sight. And I just stared at him. He looked uncomfortably at me a few more times sipping his drink. And I just kept on staring. Eventually he said hi to try and diffuse his anxiety I suppose.

“you don’t remember me don’t you?.. I remember you, you fucking pedophile”

This apparently made him really uncomfortable, he slammed the rest of his drink down and walked away. The casino was so crowded it wasn’t to hard to follow him without being spotted even though he looked back from time to time. He left the casino and headed for one of the stairwells leading to the parking garage again looking back. He thought he wasn’t being followed. As he descended my bud and I sprinted to the stairwell as we exited the stairwell to the garage we saw him walking amongst a row of cars alone. We quietly but briskly walked behind , we caught up to him quickly…

I’ll plead the 5th at this point.

Don’t worry he’s still alive, but if he didn’t realize it before he realizes now boys grow up to be men.

I just had to tell the world this.

You beat him up for making creepy sexual gestures and leering at you?

Personally, I hope you go to jail for that kind of shit.

How many drinks did you have when you decided that two guys beating up a 60-year old was a good idea?

He was walking around naked in a men’s locker room? Gasp. If that’s an indicator of pedophilia, than about 60% of the guys at my gym must be trolling.

I will observe that if I was a law enforcement official investigating a recent assault of unspecified severity at a casino, I’d be getting a warrant to get your IP address etc, trace it back to determine your location/identity, and if you turned out to be near the right jurisdiction, I might come knock on your door.

Posting this was…not wise.

Also, are you SURE it’s him? I know you said you were and that he has a very recognizable face…but it’s been twenty five years. Couldn’t you have been mistaken?

A much smarter approach would have been to try to get his name and address - either secretly follow him home, or get his license plate at least.
Then I would have gone straight to the police to report what you remember.
If he already hasn’t got a record, that would at least put him on the police radar to see if there might be any connection to him and other reports from the past/present.

Vigilante justice might seem great in a beer rush, but a sane person would have wanted more than just a few bruises to this guy - plus, who knows if you now set this guy off and he kills a kid, rather than have him grow up and identify him?

You might have made a bad situation worse.

All I hope is that it made you feel a little better, a little more able to let go of it.

Because he wins unless you do; let go of it, that is.

But I’m right with you. I got lucky the night I went driving around with my sister-in-law, looking for the man who beat my mother and molested my sister.

If we’d found him…well, I’d be a different person, one I’m glad I don’t have to be.

Here’s hoping you can TRULY move on now.

The OP appears to be bragging about committing an illegal act, assault and battery. I’m going to lock this thread under the “no discussion of illegal acts” rule.

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