MY penis

Yeah, my turn!

Nothing special about it, really. Oh wait - on Consumption Junction, there’s a series of video clips featuring a wacky masturbator and he’s my EXACT PENIS TWIN! Ours look EXACTLY THE SAME! Except for tone, so guess it’s not exact, but aside from that, they’re identical!


I’m not especially interested in what kind of sausage is on this pizzabrat.

No, it’s my penis! Give it back or I’m telling!


Will you two stop fighting and SHARE!!

If I have to stop this car, there’s going to be trouble!

Which one is the wacky masturbator?

Is it the lucky one who can come seven times in six minutes?

You understand we’ll need video of both in use to get a fair comparison going, right?


Share the penis.

Ignore the video camera.


Gee I don’t have my own penis thread, and he’s looking mighty tentative about me starting one.

[The Penis Nazi]


[/The Penis Nazi]

Ya know, all you guys starting penis (penii? penae?) threads are gettin’ awful cocky.

Why the hate, brother? Plenty of penis love here if you know where to look. Don’t discriminate. All penises are equal. Do they not bleed if you cut them?

Or are you a facist asshole? :wink:

(C’mon, that was kinda funny)

Nah… just cockeyed and dickheaded.

I’m just glad that wasn’t my genetic code talking.


Bleedin’ penises are lots of fun. Bleeding penises are no fun.

You might even say that not starting one is making him a little…wait for it…testy.

With all the penis threads in here lately I’m beginning to wonder if the “P” in MPSIMS stands for “Penis”.

People are only starting threads like this so they don’t get the shaft.

Penises are so often the topic of discussion in this forum, I’m considering changing my username to AGlimpseOfJohnson.

I could only imagine the video shoot though.

“If you cock your head a certain way, it kind of looks like B]pizzabrat**'s… cock.”