My Rage Burns With the Fire of One or Two Suns and a 1920's Style "Death Ray"

I used to be home-schooled. Yes, that’s right, sheltered from the world, no friends, indoctrinated with dogma of the Illuminati.
No, actually school was just boring for me, so my mother homeschooled me.

This got us on some homeschooling list-servs. These are the people who lock up their kids and hand out Chick tracts, whilst sending emails about having slightly used Bob Jones University curricula for sale.

This morning, I received the following piece of dreck:

The Ten Commandments in Cajun…

  1. God is number one… and das’ All.

  2. Don’t pray to nuttin’ or nobody… jus’ God.

  3. Don’t cuss nobody… 'specially da Good Lord.

  4. When it be Sunday… pass yo’self by God’s House.

  5. Yo mama an’ yo daddy dun did it all… lissen to dem.

  6. Killin’ duck an’ fish, das’ OK… people - No!

  7. God done give you a wife… sleep wit’ jus’ her.

  8. Don’t take nobody’s boat… or nuttin’ else.

  9. Don’t go wantin’ somebody’s stuff.

  10. Stop lyin’… yo tongue gonna fall out yo mouf!


Now, these are not people of color. These are not people who have any inherent right to use demeaning stereotypes reversed, as DMX might refer to his “niggaz.”

These are white middle class fundamentalists who have nothing better to do than get a good laugh out of demeaning negative stereotypes of stupid, unlernt’ po’ trash. It’s no different than darky minstrel shows.

This makes me angry, that people can be this stupid and bigoted after so long, though I shouldn’t be surprised.
I’d email the people and unleash my wrath, but I don’t have time to get into an email battle with people who watch Jack Van Impe. My mother would also probably not apreciate alienation from all of these people.

Something tells me Jesus wouldn’t be to happy about this. :rolleyes:

Ah, come on. It isn’t that bad. Maybe someone out there has a little cajun in them and put that together, thinking it would be funny.

Cajun != Black.

Unless it’s Cajun food.


I’m searching, so far without success, for a legend (apparantly true) about a version of a New York state government publication titled Tenant Rights and Responsibilities produced in a comical version of phonetic Creole. I know this existed, but I can’t find the damn cite.

It would seem your fight is larger than you thought:

(…an entire web page can now be changed, ingenious, er, I mean terrible [but funny]) :wink:

You might have better luck if you searched a little-known website called The Straight Dope:

Did HUD publish a brochure in “Creole” containing a parody of black speech?

Rezedents Rights & Rispansabilities: The rest of the story

Damn, why did I think I’d read that at snopes? Oh, well…

Sounds almost like something Jeff Foxworthy would write.

I’m always doing that or doing it in reverse. I could have sworn Cecil wrote about “Gloomy Sunday”. Nope, it was Snopes.

I’ve seen similar Biblical paraphrases in various dialects. Sometimes its pathetic & trivilializing, sometimes cute & charming. I’d actually consider this the latter. I’m sure no prejudice was meant by the author or the sender unless proven otherwise.

I’ll give you a half-sun and a 1910 mild-discomfort ray.

Um, that’s a (bad) imitation of Cajun dialect, not southern Black. Cajuns are white folk of French-Canadian descent (originally from Acadia…Acadian:Acajuns:Cajuns) who were deported from Canada when the British took over from the French and transported to Louisiana.

The late television chef Justin Wilson was probably the most famous Cajun in America. If you don’t recognize the name, how about “I gayr-awn-tee” or the oft-imitated “on-yawn”?

I wasn’t assuming they were imitating blacks, merely using that as an example… I am familiar with the definition of Cajun.

Knowing these people, I lean towards assuming that it is derogatory.

My apologies, Ilsa. Rereading your OP, I see that you did make that distinction.

They got Cajun everything down there (LA) including Christmas Carols etc. I always thought they wrote the stuff themselves (are you saying they didn’t).

That part about takin someone else’s boat is particularly good.

Well, I showed this list to my step-father, who is Cajun, and he thought it was funny as hell.