My refrigerator is empty: a hungry MMP

My refrigerator can have all kinds of food in it and will still be considered empty if there’s no:

[li]Milk[/li][li]Bread[/li][li]Yogurt[/li][li]Eggs[/li][li]Ritter milk chocolate with hazelnuts[/li][li]Sugar snap peas[/li][li]Diet Pepsi (this is my brother’s, not mine)[/li][/ul]

My question for Mumpers: what makes your fridge feel empty?

Happy Monday, all!


Oddly enough, when there are no containers of leftovers, the fridge looks empty… and wrong. That’s the way it is right now. We’ve got milk and eggs and cheese and other stuff, but there are expanses of empty shelves where tupperware used to live. Wrong…

Good morning!! Also oddly enough, I’ll be getting some groceries after work today. We’re low on milk, almost out of bread, devoid of lunch meat and some cheeses, and down to the last scoop of ice cream! :eek: We also have one less hunk of cake, and I’d blame rosie, except I know a certain **FCD **did it after I went to bed. He’s sneaky that way.

Busy day ahead - my desk is a disaster that needs some attention. So off I go.

Happy Monday!!

Right now, with all 3 kids at home, the refrigerator looks empty about 10 minutes after I get back from shopping.
Mostly because it is :eek:

Happy belated birthday, Rosie!


In the VunderLair, the refrigerator is empty when all of the food on hand fits inside. We have a smaller fridge we use for overflow and special projects like brining turkeys.

No beer.

I consider the fridge empty without any milk or yogurts in it. Shadow considers it empty when there’s nothing in there that interests him. He knows that tasty treats come from the fridge so if I open it and he doesn’t get anything, he will miaow at me for a while to remind me that it must surely be time to go shopping.

Just put half a freshly slaughtered lamb in the freezer. With the cold weather coming, that makes me feel a lot better.

A log fire, mulled cider, warm baths and roast lamb are going to make Sundays comfortable till spring.

These days, it’s the lack of a specific brand of iced tea. That and no “crap, I’m broke, and it’s three days until payday” things to scrounge food from.

A stocked refrigerator requires the following:

  • canned biscuits
  • 2% milk
  • iced tea
  • beer
  • butter
  • jelly
  • lunch meat
  • cheese
  • two or more frozen dinners
  • some vegetables I’m busy ignoring

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up, caffienated and alas, at irk. ‘Tis presently a very muggy, gloomy 75 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 86 and rain with thunder boomers all afternoon and tonight accordin’ to the weather PTB. We shall see.

I’m with MOOOOOOM the fridges (note plural, one in the kitchen and one in the laundry room) are empty if they are devoid of leftovers which they currently are, due to slackness in cookin’ on my part. The freezers are empty when there’s less than a dozen steaks even if every other kind of meat is in abundance. We likes our steaks we do. Also if there is not at least one FULL gallon of tea in at least one fridge then emptiness ensues. We also likes our iced tea we do.

flytrap no beer is right up there with no tp! :eek:

BooFae shame on you for starving poor Shadow.

I have a bunch of online learnin’ stuff to do at irk. I shall spend the majority of my day with that. Sounds like a good icky weather activity.

Happy Monday Y’all!

When there’s no cottage cheese. Man I love cottage cheese!

I sat out on the back patio of a hunting lodge this weekend and listened to the rain pour down on a tin roof. I do dearly love that sound.

Blarf and barf, home with a sick little girl. Time to put on my super mommy cape and work form home and heal the ill at the same time…the world can wait :wink:

to answer MMP questions: Milk. When there is no milk my family will starve because cereal is a staple in our diet and dry cereal is just yuck (unless it is provided as a snacky snack in a plastic baggy!)

Things I must have on hand or I think “there’s no food in the house” Milk. Yogurt. Cheese. Ground hamburger, usually in the form on bleu cheese burgers. Lettuce. Juice. Eggs. Egg Beaters. Potato chips (those are in the pantry, not the fridge). Popcorn. Butter.

Right now in my fridge is a tube of crescent rolls. I live alone, but someday I will bake all 10 of those biscuits and eat them slathered with butter.

My fridge requires:

baby carrots

at all times.

Hi all!

My refrigerator at home is empty too, since I’m not there, haven’t been there for months and don’t expect to be there again until Christmas(ish).

The one in the shared flat contains the following property of mine:
3/4 of a chocolate ice cream which sadly contains soy lecitine, I didn’t remember to check the label. I’ve asked Flatman to please take care of it; he shall do it with great pain and suffering (dude’s a chocoholic).
4 monodosis of flan. Flan is medicinal, right?
2 individual lemon-flavored yoghurts, from a small farm in Girona whose employees are all disabled. They’re very good; the farm has had requests to increase their production or branch out (they only make about six different products) but the organization which owns it says their purpose is to provide jobs for these people, not to grow a multinational.

The pantry in the shared flat contains two small cans of tuna in escabeche (a vinegary sauce) and half a kilo of twisty noodles. The pantry back home has a variety of dry goods.

The fridge in the hotel has nothing, because the hotel we’ll be in this week doesn’t have fridges in the room and because we haven’t gone there yet anyway. After today’s trip to the supermarket, the room shall contain some cookies (we expect a week of working late, hence a need to being food to work if I don’t want to get sick) and half a kilo of fruit to eat a handful when I wake up at Ungodly O’Clock am.

Where the frak is my sweater?

It’s the first non-melty day of the year, and consequently, it’s freezing at my desk. I want my sweater.

I know I didn’t wear it home. I didn’t leave it in the supply room. It should be draped over my chair. It was still hot when I left on Friday, and I was the first person here today. But my sweater is not here.


Did you check the fridge?

**flytrap **- that cracked me right up!

Progress is being made on drawing, despite the crap I have to work from. Such penmanship!!! :eek:

. . . no.

MrTao requires Milk, eggs, iced tea, and apparantly beer in the back, though he maybe drinks one at home every few months. but it must be there, just in case! (I am the same way with harder alcohol; it literally dries up/goes bad/gets used for cooking before I ever actually drink it, lol)

For me, I need diet pepsi and some soup. Right now the fridge still has lots of albondigas, so I am happy.

Happy Mumpday!

Good morning all! And yes, it’s still morning in New Mexico. :slight_smile:

I’m with lieu, I -love- cottage cheese, I can eat it plain, out of the container. Honestly. :slight_smile: My fridge is a bit bare at the moment; it was cleaned out yesterday in preparation for the grocery trip on Tuesday, but it does at least contain milk, eggs and yogurt, as well as assorted condiments. And some bacon, of course.

This morning, I had berries and yogurt (plain), to which I added just a dab of honey and some cinnamon. Then I heated up a leftover cornbread muffin, and crumbled that up in the berries and yogurt. Oh my gosh, that tasted -almost- like a berry shortcake. Almost. LOL Honestly, though, it was quite unexpectedly tasty.

I love to eat dry cereal as a snack, especially the Chex kind; some times, I will add a few (LOL - a lot!) chocolate chips. The cereal doesn’t have to be Chex brand, the store brands of that type are usually good enough. :slight_smile:

Happy Monday all!