My review of American Weding [possible Spoilers]

I saw the third installment of the American Pie series this weekend and have to say it was enjoyable, and yet kind of sad in a way.

Basically, as you probably gathered from the trailers, Jim and Michelle are getting married so (most of) the gang is back together for the weding of the year.

Awkward Jim continues to bumble his way into situations that must be seen to be believed.

Oz and Heather are no-shows but it is never explained why. (Probably because Chris Klein is too busy filming Rollerball 2). It doesn’t really matter though as their story was basically concluded in AP1 and never really developed any furthur.

Kevin is essentially irrelevent to the movie as Oz and Heather were in AP2.

Finch and Stifler are back as each other’s comic foil but the movie is really about Stifler. We find him in the beginning of the movie as an even bigger loud-mouth asshole. So much so that he’s essentially ostracized from the rest of the gang (fuckers!!). Throughout the movie his character is given the most depth and shows the most growth without turning him into a big pussy.

Basically, the rest of the movie is standard wedding/bachelor party comedy (where’s the ring?, class issues, in-laws, stripper schenanigans, etc). A few characters return (like the MILF guys), but most don’t (Nadia, The Sherminator, Kevin’s Brother, Stifler’s brother etc) which makes sense since no one invites everyone they ever met to their weding.

All in all, unless they plan to make an American Old-School showing them all in their 30s, a fitting end to the series.

A couple of my favorite scenes:

Jim’s proposal in the restuarant.

Stifler in the gay bar (he can dance)

Coach Stifler trying to convince Jim to invite him while his team has formed a circle around them chanting “JIM SUCKS DONKEY DICK!!..JIM SUCKS DONKEY DICK!!”

Finch becomes a ‘cretin’ and Stifler becomes ‘Stephen’ to impress the same girl.

Sifler has some ‘shit to attend to’.

The bachelor party

I have to say, I agree with your review 100%. This is a most worthy 3rd installment in the series. You covered most of it pretty well. I will add that Eugene Levy was very funny in this film as well.

Well, I just saw it today and…
Well, it follows the great old American Movie Tradition going back to Animal House and Porky’s. Gross stuff that teen boys think are funny. There is, however, a depth to all three movies, which is interesting. In the first, we saw Oz grow, and go his own way, not caring what his buddies thought. The second movie is aboput Jim growing and accepting the fact that he’s falling for the geeky Band Camp girl. And the third movie, as you say, is about Stiffler startting to grow up (if not getting there).

I just wish some of the grosser jokes were left out, becuase the characters could probably make an ok movie without the sick jokes. But seeing that it went straight to the top of the Box Office, I guess they did the right thing. Teen boys will still find bouncing tits and shaved pubes on the wedding cake fun. I did, way back when, and who am I to deny them a lttle fun.

And Allyson looked absolutely marvelous. I’d marry her without hesitating for a second. Damn you Alexis Denisof and your Pierce Brosnany style.

I saw this one because Pirates of the Carribean had only about 6 seats left in the theater, and they were all in the very front row. As neither I nor my date were about to stare straight up for 2 and a half hours, we exchanged our tickets for American Wedding.

I laughed my ass off. I liked it as much as the first, and more than the second. Stifler made the movie for me, and as the OP says, some the the situations have to be seen to be believed. Describing them just won’t do them justice.

Damn, I’m a 23 year old woman, and I found that stuff hilarious. I laughed pretty much through the entire movie… the crowd I saw it with was pretty rowdy, so there were some parts where we missed the next few seconds…

Fuck, I’d marry her, and I don’t swing that way…

Well, NotWithoutRage, I saw it home alone on my 17" computer screen, so…

It’s just that I’ve seen it all before, so many times. Yes, I snickered. It was good fun. But the deeper stuff could really make it on its own. Of course, then it wouldn’t be top of the box office, now would it?
And I missed the Sherminator.