My secret shame

I quite like Justin Timberlake’s last two songs.

Anyone else care to confess anything shameful? Absolution will be granted.


[sub]I own American pie 1 & 2 on DVD[/sub] :o

You are forgiven.

I… uhm…

[sub]I own the first 6 Pokemon videos and one Sailor Moon[/sub]

It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.


I own the first 25 Pokemon videoes, plus 10 or so of the Pokemon Johto Journeys, all of the Pokemon movies that are on DVD, and I have more Pokemon videos on the way.

That is all.


Though many wouldn’t, I, for one, forgive you.

I like Pot Noodle. Chicken and Mushroom flavour, with a little extra soy sauce and a smidge of tomato puree. About four times a week.

Ah, so that’s what catharsis feels like!

Do not worry. You are absolved (though I suggest you brush your teeth afterwards).

I am holding out hope that Leif Garrett will profess his undying love to me, preferably in public.

Leif is looking a bit ropy these days. But if that is your wish, who can blame you for it?

I own both Spice World and Dude, Where’s My Car?
However, I have never seen either sober.

Since I watched both movies sober :eek:, I am not in a position to criticize you.

I think Sabrina the Teenage witch is the best thing on tv and especially Sabrina Sundays on Nickleodeon and every morning I wake up and hope I have the same magic powers as her :o

I’m a Saved by the Bell sunday type guy myself :wink:

Sabrina is certainly liked by some, and you are one of them. Fear not.

And I like her talking cat, too.

Hmm, another secret shame - I have a white cat and I think Salem (her cat) and mine would make the ‘perfect’ couple!

I think Steve was better than Joe.

I much prefer seventies Elvis to fifties Elvis. There, I said it.

I really enjoyed Notting Hill, Bridget Jones’ Diary and About a Boy even though I claimed major brownie points for being dragged along to see them. Please try to understand.

I’ve just bought Air Guitar II, it’s for my husband…honest.