My sisters rock.

Previously I had informed all that my littlest sister got the part of Nancy in her school’s production of Oliver! Which I think is very cool.

Yesterday, my other little sister, Anna won the regional spelling bee!!! I’m so proud of her. She can actually spell! (I’m sure most of you are aware that I can’t. Some of you may have even forgiven me for that.) Anyway, I just think that my little Anna-ban going on to the next level in this spelling thing is very, very cool. She skipped a garde so she’s a year younger than pretty much everyone else she was competing against.

This is so cool! My sisters do the most wonderful things! And I even get to see them in under a week. Anyway, just needed to share.

I couldn’t be more proud of my little sister, and she won’t be born untill August!

A corny congratulations to you Medea :slight_smile:

— G. Raven

How very delightful Morrison’s…I wasn’t too happy to have sisters until I figured how very wonderful they were…and then I moved away. (Yes, I was a spoiled little brat…I got better)

So I miss them a lot and they do the most wonderful, great things and I’m not there. :frowning: My punishment I guess for not appreciating them from day one.

It doesn’t surprise me even one little bit that you have awesome sisters, Medea’s Child.

Any parents who raised a lady as wonderful as you are were CERTAIN to raise the rest of them to be terrific, too!


Lucky, lucky you, Medea. I always wanted a sister or two, and you have two of the coolest sisters I’ve ever heard of. I bet they will kick ass, both in the play and in the spelling bee.

Yes indeed, Medea’s! Your sisters most certainly do rock! That’s great! :smiley:

ok – well when I saw this thread title I thought it was going to be about a rock that your sister has.

Does that show my age? :frowning:

God knows I have little to do with their absolute and total coolness, but I do love them so much.

Soda, if you want a bouncy penpal, I could ask Becca about being your virtual little sis. I could ask Anna too, if you wanted, but I’ll give you a warning about her. She’s 13. She is, at the moment, oh so tired of this stupid world that pales in comparison to her overwhleming knowledge.

I can point and laugh at her teenaged angst because I, as her college aged sister, can do no wrong, where as my mom has to deal with being the most dispised and stupid uncool person on the face of the planet. (It gets funnier when you realise that I’m not cool. I will never pull off cool. But in her eyes I’m the esssence of style.)


A big congrats to Anna, Medea’s Child!

Greatness just runs in your family, I guess. :slight_smile:

You a good sis. :slight_smile:
Cause you a good person.

I can tell my lil’ sis wants to be like me, too. She’s been slowly but surely taking on a more and more human form in the womb over the past few weeks. This is obviously an attempt to be like her big bro :wink:

— G. Raven

Morrison’s, yea, she’s worshiping teh groung you walk on. Please, please, please give her a big hug for me when she shows up. (Actually go for it now, your mom’s probably cool enough to deserve one too for some reason…I just haven’t discovered it yet.)

And cherish her. It took me years to cherish them. Literally years. That may be the one thing that I have ever, ever done in my life that I will allow myself to regret. The rest of it, I lived and learned and the world can bite me. But not cherishing them from the moment they stepped into my life cost me precious time.

Goodness knows I love them now, but still. I regret.