My son got moved into the honors curriculum!


After a gazillion years struggling to get him to do his homework, we finally found the right combo of carrot and stick: a “regular” level science teacher who he detested, and the promise that he could get the heck out of her class and into more interesting (and harder) courses if he just did his bleeping homework for one dang semester and pulled his grades up.

And he did! At the midterm, my darling baby boy was getting 3 F’s, 1 C a B and 2 A’s (in gym and art. :rolleyes: ). At the semester, he’d pulled all those F’s and D’s to A’s and B’s, got that C to an A and inexplicably slid down to a frickin’ D in Art. Art. Which he’s always been good at! :smack:

Anyhow, he just told me today he’s been moved into the Honors Medical and Science Academy at his high school - basically a decent college prep curriculum within a shitty Chicago Public School. This way he gets to take 4 sciences instead of three, and they include fun things like chemistry and physics, and his teachers are focused on teaching, not avoiding gang warfare until the end of the period.

So thanks, Mrs. Jones, for having a class so dull my son hated it more than any in his 9 years of schooling! (For the record, I think she’s a perfectly crommulent teacher, she was just cursed with a very low ability class this year, and so she’s teaching down to their level.)

Good on him! I know exactly what you are talking about too. My son, a junior, was in Talented and Gifted in grade school. Middle school on, “He has the ability, he just doesn’t do the work.” I quit going to Parent/Teacher conferences because of that. Well last September or so he got his license. I said if he doesn’t stay on the honor role, he pays his own insurance. He is now pulling a 3.0.

Amazing what motivates these guys!

Good for you too for being there for him!

Congrats on doing the heavy lifting on behalf of your kid(s).
You are a good mom (but you knew that!) :wink:

Speaking from personal experience: Make sure he doesn’t burn out. I went from similar grades to AP math, honors History, and Honors english…and couldn’t hack it. I was SMRT enough to handle any one or two of the classes, but not all together and had a nervous breakdown.

So, GREAT JOB for the accomplishment…just make sure he can take the pressure, otherwise, it’s not worth the price to be paid for an additional word next to a grade on a report card.

That’s awesome, WhyNot. :slight_smile: I’m sure he’ll find the upper level classes more motivating and do just as well, if not better, as a result.

Congrats to WhyKid! And I’m sure it’s a good feeling for you too.

Also, feel free to PM me if he ends up needing some help in the math/science courses. I’m just as willing to help him as I am you.

I will watch him for signs of stress, but our hope is that **HazelNutCoffee **is right - he’s been bored silly for 10 years, but unwilling (before now) to buckle down and do his part towards getting into more interesting classes. Just like Rascal’s Mom, I’ve been having the same parent teacher conference for 9 years now (I think kindergarten was excepted): “He’s a really intelligent kid; he just doesn’t do the work.” For a while (6th grade, I believe) I got really annoyingly hands-on with the homework, got the assignments from the teacher, sat with him while he did it, watched him put it in his folder and the folder in the bag…and then he wouldn’t turn it in. :smack:

So that’s when I gave up and read Parenting With Love and Logic and decided this had to be *his *problem, I couldn’t solve it. His grades immediately shot up, and then slowly trickled back down again. So, yeah, I don’t know if this is a lasting change or not, but I hope that since it’s gained him classes he says are a little better with students he likes more, perhaps this will be what he needs.

The sad thing is that at the semester break, with a GPA of 3.0 and only one honors course, he was ranked 36/248. That seems terribly high to me for a 3.0. This school really is a warehouse for those who haven’t dropped out yet. That’s the best part for me - honors or no honors, at least now he’s surrounded by people who intend to go to college and being taught by people who think he can do the same. This program has a 100% placement rate in college after graduation, and a 100% graduation rate, in a school where more than 25% of the students drop out before graduation.

Roger that, WhyNot, just alerting you to some possibilities. I’ve got two 5 year olds now and I could easily see them being bored with the curricula. One’s got a pretty strong mechanical aptitude and the other’s pretty good at walling off the world and getting absorbed in his artwork. Great talents to have, but also a good possibility of not fitting in to the system.

pssssst…One M in Cromulent.

YAY for your wonderful baby boy.

I read the title as “My son got into the horrors curriculum!” and briefly wondered if Miskatonic University had opened again. (geeky giggle)

Anyhoo, congratulations!