My son has the swine flu

He is 12 and usually in great health. But now he has a 102.8 fever, sore throat, body aches, lethargy, and has been vomiting. He had the regular flu shot, so this flu has to be of the H1N1 variety. His doctor says that in this county 100% of flus tested have been H1N1, so they aren’t even testing anymore.

He is miserable sick, but not scary sick. I just really hope I don’t have to get it myself, or deal with my other 3 children getting it.

I was planning to be first in line when we are allowed to get the shot, but I guess the virus was faster than the vaccine distribution.

:frowning: No fun! Sending a wish for a speedy recovery.

vomiting too? poor thing. Lots of tlc on the way, ice chips, lots of sleep, not too much tv, offer crackers, clear fluids, keep a close eye.

We had some crud, a mild flu, a wicked sore throat first, fever but no aches some chills, small appetite, very tired for days.

They’re going down like flies around here.

It’s spreading like crazy around here. Absences at schools are double what they are in a normal year at this time. Bleh

I’m at work for the first time since last Wednesday after getting it. Left work on Wednesday afternoon with a slightly stopped up nose, woke up Thursday morning feeling like a train had hit me. Thankfully got in and out of the doctor that day, got on the Tamiflu, and am finally feeling a bit better. Also thankful that my 8.5-month-old is so far symptom-free.

Sending all the good anti-flu vibes I can afford (have to save some for my own family, y’know) your way!

IME as a mother, ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) is more effective at bringing down and keeping down a fever than acetaminophen (Tylenol) is.

If he can’t eat/has no appetite, don’t push food at all. But definitely push liquids! Buy his favoritest drinks, and give them to him! If he reports hunger, try a couple of saltine crackers, or a graham cracker or some dry toast. Hot chicken broth is good, too. It’s what mudgirl (who had a life-threatening case of flu when she was four) always requests when she is sick.

TeenPundit, who had the flu 3 weeks ago, came home with 103.5 fever and chills again today.


Luck to them.

Keep a close eye on any flu this year. I don’t know the mortality rates yet, but I lost a second cousin last week to the H1N1 and she was in a hospital with good care. Only 55, diabetes didn’t help things. I didn’t know her well, but she left behind two young teenage daughters and it just breaks my heart. This should not have happened.

2 of my 3 kids have gotten it. I still feel fine. It’s no big deal, really – no worse than the regular flu.

The swine flu tends to be more dangerous for the older folk, but here in Southeast Asia, we have young adults (20 or so) dying from it. Most of the times it isn’t fatal. So sorry for your kid, and here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!

My nephew just got it and was told the same thing. they aren’t even testing for it anymore and assume it’s H1N1. The problem (as with any flu) is the danger it poses to people who have other health problems. Best to stay out of hospitals. Hope things go well.

Yeah, my 12 yo had it. Sucked for about a week there. I think I’ve had it for the last few days but I’m in denial.

Actually the seasonal flu is more dangerous for older people, while the “priority for H1N1 vaccination” group here is kids through age 49.

My son has it as well. Came home from a soccer tournament well, but carrying some “little friends” apparently. His roomie at the tournament got sick on Sunday, and son was toast by the end of yesterday – high fever, headache, chills, thankfully no vomiting. The bad thing? We had his fifteenth birthday party Sunday night where he blew out his candles, and apparently we then served everyone a big slice of swine flu germs. :wink:

I read yesterday that in an average flu season, nationally about 66 children die from the flu. With swine flu, so far 90 have died, and there is still another 7 months of flu season to go.

It’s a lot more dangerous for kids and young adults, although most people recover just fine.