My son's first parent/teacher meeting

He’s in preschool, what they call the 3-day threes, which should be self explanatory. I think it’s a little silly to meet and talk about a three yo’s academic performance, but it’s good to here a “stranger” tell you how great your kid is. Bsically, he’s doing great, knows all his letters and numbers and shapes and colors (which he has known forever, it seems) and he needs to work on listening and putting things away. Groundbreaking news for any three yo I’m sure.

But it’s my kid and therefore it’s spectacular!

3 years old? That’s practically ancient. My daughter’s daycare sent home an assessment of her skills, etc, when she was 5 months old. It seems silly on the one hand, but better to know about potential problems early.

FWIW, I’m pretty sure I need to work on listening and putting things away, too.

It was kind of silly, but I think it’s always good for someone to gush over your child. And we got to talk about potty training and and such.