My son's girlfriend tried to cut his hair

The title pretty much sums it up – except to add, she didn’t do a very good job of it.

He keeps his hair short, but somehow she managed to gouge out large sections that were less than 1/4-inch long. He wound up going to a barber and getting everything trimmed to 3-day stubble length.

His mother and I have spent two days reassuring him that it doesn’t look that bad and will grow back in any case – then we go into another room to laugh.

The original “trim” was her idea. What some guys will do for their girlfriends!

I tried to go blonde once. I ended up highlighter yellow.
I sympathize.

I have often offered to cut my husband’s hair for him. He never takes me up on the offer. (I think I’d do a fine job - I cut my own all the time.) Oh well. Maybe I should have tried it when we were still boyfriend/girlfriend - then maybe he would have gone for it. :smiley:

I let an ex-GF cut my hair once, mostly because I had shaved it to the scalp before and wasn’t averse to doing so again if her attempt came off badly. In the end she did a pretty decent job-and it only took 3 hours. :rolleyes:

A born vacillator, that one.

An ex GF was (probably still is) a hairdresser. She cut my hair all the time - did a great job. A definite plus to that relationship…

One day, relatively early in the relationship (when things were still all lovey dovey and happy, but far enough into it that we had some history and a couple of disagreements behind us), she let me know that she was adept at running a straight razor and that I should come by the shop for a shave.

As it turns out, she was true to her word. She gave me a shave, the quality of which I will never forget.

But for the love of god, do not let anyone near your throat with a straight razor who may be, even remotely, holding a grudge that you are unaware of. The anxiety was palpable. And the nervous laughter made it even more special.

Your son isn’t named Samson, is he?

My girlfriend regularly cut my hair. The process alone usually left me with cramps in my neck and along my back between my shoulders. My dentist was so impressed with one of my haircuts that he took a picture of it and put it on his office wall for kids to laugh at (to make the trip to the dentist less scary), so at least something good came of it all.

I’ve cut my own hair for the last 10 years. I’m 25. I’ve paid for exactly two haircuts. One before I graduated high school, and one two months ago in Brazil. I second the idea that it’s rather disconcerning to have somebody holding a straight razor to your throat, in my case we didn’t even speak the same language!

One time I fucked up the timing of my ex-GF dye job because we got into a fight in the middle of it. The fight promptly ended when we realized that I was now dating a beet. My bad, of course, but that went over relatively ok in the long run. She stayed beet-red for almost two months (to spite me, I guess)

No biggie at all. it is more important how he treats his girlfriend than how he treats his hair…

I do most of my own haircut - number one comb on the trimmer, short on the beard, long on the hair. My wife just trims up at the end -

but I tell her that I will always answer the question - Who cut your hair? - with - she did.


I dyed a friends-with-benefits hair black a little while ago. After I convinced him to shave it into a mohawk. I think he looked great, because it really suited his personality. Few others agreed with me.

I’ve gone down that road many, many a time. Only on a few occasions has it ended very, very, VERY badly… but usually its just all good fun.

My father once discovered that dog clippers are exactly the same as human clippers, except much cheaper.

My father is also in his fifties and shows no signs of going either bald or gray. My mother put up with this dog clipper bit once, maybe twice, before she put her foot down and told Dad not to waste all that perfectly good hair.

The worst part about this? Dad’s an electronics engineer. He started a fashion trend at work.

There was also the time one of my college friends tried to go from her (natural) pale blonde to Mary Jane Watson red. She showed up at the annual Thanksgiving dinner (also known as “hooray, no class!” Thursday, the immediate predecessor of “oh christ, someone turn that sun off” Hangover Friday) with a ski cap on, and some strands of purplish hair poking out of the bottom of it.

Oh, and the time my mother forgot to put coffee in her henna. She came out of that one looking like Agnes Moorhead.

So it could be worse. At least your son’s hair is still a shade that comes factory-equipped on actual humans. :smiley:

I’ve been vaguely contemplating growing a mohawk for a while now*. Maybe I actually will.

*-I keep my head shaved, usually do it once a week, so I would in fact just be growing the hair in the middle and keeping the rest the same.

One of the rules that I live by is ‘never let someone put a blade against my throat’. It has served me well thus far*. And if a future GF tries to persuade me otherwise, nuts to her.

As to hair, I cut it myself. Every four or five weeks I cut it down to near nothing. Some people say it makes me look like I just got out of prison**. I say it makes me look human.

*Besides, it is much better to have blade to someone else’s throat! Muah ha ha ha!

[size=1]**The people who said that it is meant as praise. As in ‘I bet nobody fucks with you, you scary lookin SOB.’

Done a pube check yet?

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