My sorta yacht-y MMP

Annapolis is one of my favorite places. Capitol of Maryland, short-time capitol of the United States, home of the US Naval Academy, but most importantly, home of the Annapolis Sailboat Show.

The show is, in some ways, similar to home shows or RV shows or gun shows – lots of vendors show up and fill booths with all kinds of stuff for sale. Usually, these shows are held in conventions center. But the sailboat show is held here (looking from another direction here. The setup is amazing. Boats are brought in, floating docks are secured, more boats, more docks, till all of Ego Alley and then some is full of boats. Plus there are tents and booths filling adjacent parking lots where you can buy anything and everything to fill your boating needs and desires, including financing and insurance.

There were also booths that didn’t quite fit the theme of the show.

Jewelry. OK, some of it had fish pendants, but that seemed a stretch. Still, it seems every show I’ve attended, whatever the purpose, had at least one gold-n-jewelry booth. In fact, one year we were looking as a specific item for our boat, and the rather patronizing vendor suggested that I might want to go look at the pretty sparklies while he and my husband talked all that technical mumbo-jumbo. :rolleyes: Yeah, because the WalMart watch and simple wedding band I wore suggested someone obsessed with trinkets. :rolleyes:

Cutlery – specifically CUTCO. Now, I own a full set of Cutco knives and stuff – I got it in 1975 and I do like it. I even got my daughter a started set (5 pieces which cost more than all the stuff I got way back when, but that’s another story…) And I do need to get a few table knives for replacements. But I was at a boat show, not a home and patio show. Sheesh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cars – Toyota Hybrids. My daughter asked why there would be a booth with Hybrids at the boat show. My husband explained it succinctly – you drive one into the water, and for a very short time, it’s a boat. Then it’s a submarine. Then it’s an artificial reef. Ergo, hybrid! Well, duh!!! :smiley:

But it was a beautiful day, weather-wise, and the show wasn’t very crowded at all, considering it was a Sunday. We wandered around and dreamed our sailing dreams for about 6 hours or so, coming home with some goodies, some brochures, and some very tired feet. Can’t wait till next year…

First! Now I’ll read the OP. :smiley:

Reeeeeeeal mature, swampy! :stuck_out_tongue:

shakes fist Damn you, swampy!

Now to read the MMP…

Hey, I can’t help getting old but nobody said it’s compulsory to become grown-up.

Ok, now the real post.

Nice OP MOOOOOOM! I’ve never been to a boat show. Matter of fact most of those “shows” do not impress me but a boat show sounds like it’d be fun. Not that I’ll ever own a boat but I think it’d be fun to look at all the purty boats and such. I’d also be the one told to go look at the sparklies whilst the technical details are discussed. :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffientatin’ here and muchly antsy about startin’ the new gig today. Ok, this mornin’ will be taken up with orientation stuff with actual trainin’ startin’ in the afternoon, but still, I’m antsy. This is new stuff for me.

Time for more caffiene and some brekkies with purtification to ensue. This place is casual dress. I really need to find out more what that means. Today I’ll wear khakis and a polo/golf type shirt. Shoes too of course. I figure I’ll be let in on what “casual dress” means as a part of orientation.

Later Y’all!

Maturity is for old folks! :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW. I hope he lost a sale.


I’m going in to work today even though I don’t have to. I’m going to run short on hours in Reference work this semester and this gives me a chance to catch up a bit. Plus I have to make some book boxes in Archivin’ Work and I’d like to get them done while I still remember the details. I have to teach someone how to make a book box later this week so I need all the practice I can get.

Ooh, sparklies!

Nice OP, FCM. Six hours sounds like a loooong time to me.

Good luck at your new job, swampy!

I’m already at work and have sent out breakfast for 10 people. I’ve got a lunch, too, but I’ll probably goof off for a bit before I work on it.

Did I mention that I’m meeting with a potential client about a party for 200-250 people this afternoon? I’m a little bit nervous.

Nice boats, FCM. Is SIL rooming with Luca Brazzi yet?:smiley: Work today, hockey tonight. I took a few new pics of Thrak: Big cat Hungover Small parrot Huge parrot

Great OP, FCM - I used to work for a guy many years ago who loved boats and always wanted to go to that show but sadly I don’t think he ever made it. It does remind me that I should call him for a chat soon though.

Awww…cute pics, Doggio!

Good luck on the new job, Swampy - hope day 1 goes well for you. Will ACBG be waiting at home afterwards to hear all about it?

My weekend was fun, went to London with my doting parent and had a good time but I was glad to get home yesterday. Once I got back, I found that Saturday had been a Day of Death in the house - Ophie caught her mouse and left half of it on the stairs for 'im indoors, and Shadow appears to have finally caught the pigeon he’s been stalking for weeks. The remains of the bird were outside the front of the house - minus the head and half the chest.

Today I got copied into a couple of emails that covered the fall-out from Friday’s missing tutor episode and while we may all have things to learn from it, it turns out that the guy himself has a huge problem and has a bit of a reputation for hiding from disagreeable tasks. Shame he did it on my watch though, I wasn’t about to let him get away with it. Silly boy.

I is making chilli tonight and probably having a go at some chocolate, coffee and cognac mousse which won’t be ready for scoffing until tomorrow.

Very nice OP, FCM–especially like the pictorial aspect. :slight_smile: I’m wondering too, though, what jewelry has to do with boats.

Great pics of Thrak, Doggio; he does look hungover in that one shot! :smiley:

Good to hear that you had a great time in London with your Mum, BooFae although you missed the kitty killing spree. Yikes!

Good luck at the new job, Swampy! :slight_smile:

And oh yeah, I’m up and caffeinated and it’s a holiday, so yay!

Work is blocking MSN photo-hosting! Grr. :mad:

I don’t go to shows like that. Maybe if I had money! I don’t go to car shows, or gun shows, or boat shows…

Sounds like you had fun, though!

I feel much less sore today, thank Og. It probably means I should move those muscles again, huh? :wink: :eek:
Well, I’d better go earn my paycheck…

ETA: Cute kitty, Doggio!

I’m also observing the Columbus Day holiday here…drinking tea and waking up slowly.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those Canadians out there.

Sounds like a cool show, FCM. Guess I won’t send you those sparkly, dangly earrings after all. :smiley: (What was that person thinking??? Not a really insightful people reader, huh?)

Does this mean the cats missed you, BooFae?

Wow, Thrak is getting big! I love the parrot pictures.

I’m going to de-tape the bedroom and start to put away paint supplies. It’ll be nice to have everything back downstairs. As soon as it’s a bit warmer outside, I’ll finish up with the concrete, then do a bit of gardening, I think.

I also want to do something vacation-y today. Haven’t decided what, though.

Back to waking up…


Isn’t funny how you can sit down at the computer to do something and you end up here instead?:smiley:

Hey Mumpers - thought I’d show my face. Bit of a lame weekend what with not feeling all that well yesterday but having to play squash none the less, and I have a match after work too. I also have developed a load of spots on one side of my face. :frowning: Oh, and I think I may be playing too much Colonization as I had a dream last night about managing levels of lumber and ore. :eek:

On the plus side I was talking to a very cute guy online last night and think I’d got my next shag arranged. Yay!

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! What a trip! I didn’t know somebody could be so tired. I’ll put together an OP when I get some pics. More later after unpacking. :slight_smile:

It’s like a worm hole straight to here.

Nice OP- I love boats. Except for the time, cost and lack of knowledge on the subject I would love to own a boat! In fact, my vacation wish is to take a Windjammer or catamaran cruise.

I’m off today as are the kids. They are each having a friend over later today, but first I promised them Dutch Babies for breakfast. This not the recipe I generally used, but it’s the “authentic” one, so I’m going to give it a try. Will report back.


4 eggs
1/2 cup of powdered sugar
3/4 cup all purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 cup of heavy whipping cream
1/8th teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 cup of butter

Preheat Oven to 425 degrees.

Whisk eggs until blended. Stir in powdered sugar into the egg mixture and set a side.

Stir flour, salt and nutmeg together in a separate bowl.
Mix in cream to the flour mixture and mix with a fork. Then mix in eggs to the mixture.

Use a 9 inch skillet with an oven-proof handle. Melt 1/4 cup of butter in skillet and swirl around to coat the entire pan. With skillet still warm, pour in the batter to the skillet and then immediately place the skillet in the oven for 20-25 minutes.

Remove from the oven once the top edges are brown. Remove from skillet on to a large plate.

Top with butter, lemon and powdered sugar.

Mmmmmm, I haven’t made a Dutch Baby in ages. (There’s really no way for that to sound right, is there?) I’m thinking of making crumpets today…

I like the sea, but I don’t particularly care about boats so long as they float and take me where I want to be. To me the best thing about boats is that they have water around.

OTOH, Middlebro (He Who Filled Whole Notebooks With Pictures Of Submarines) should never be allowed within a boat show, as the level of drool might be enough to make them float away. I jokingly tried to bribe him into coming to visit me in Philly by mentioning there’s a submarine there you can visit and he told me that since human beings are animals, what I was doing was cruelty to animals. SiL has refused to fly since their honeymoon, she also hates being in trains, buses or in general any vehicle whose driver she doesn’t personally know and trust: the first time she fell asleep in my car, Mom said “congratulations, she finally trusts you.”

Last Christmas Mom said she doesn’t know where does Middlebro get all this boat-thing, being that our whole family is from inland. Littlebro and me stared at her, looked at each other (“have you heard what I have heard? yes you have”), looked back at her and asked what had she been smoking. Dad’s Dad and eldest brother were both from Pamplona - and both merchant captains until their respective weddings. Mom is from Barcelona - and one of the biggest treats of our childhood would be spending a day either taking the Metro to Barceloneta, walking to the harbor, then up the Ramblas or conversely taking it to Plaza Catalunya, walking down the Ramblas and then visiting the harbor.

I’m conscious that every human being perceives the world somewhat differently, if only due to being seated in a different chair, but sometimes I wonder what alternate universe she lives in.
Soapy, I just ate and your recipe is making me hungry. Stop it.

I get the keys for my flat tomorrow. Last Saturday I went to the Salvation Army looking for some light shelves. No such thing, but I got a set of table and chairs that I’ll show you once they’re in place, they’re also bringing it tomorrow. I may be getting another table to set it up with the toy soldiers I paint for Littlebro (setting up the painting space takes more effort than actually painting, specially since I can’t paint for long stretches), a store-style clothes rack (those that are basically a bar on castors), and that’s about it. I’ll bring pics when I like how things look, should be end of this month or early next one as my team is supposed to spend part of November and all of December in Spain.

Glad you had a great time, BooFae.

FirstLit, which Colonization are you playing?

Pugs, I’m eagerly awaiting your pics. I’ve been to Italy a few times but it was for work; I was able to visit Milano and Como but not much more. Italians and Spaniards do have a lot in common, we used to joke about who had gotten which “personality trait” from whom.

I’m back again!:smiley:

Ok, so I just made a phone call that I’ve been dreading for several weeks. (About a bill.) And I don’t know what my problem was, it was a very simple call and lasted all of 30 seconds.:smack:

I’ve got my dessert sampler for this afternoon’s appointment almost ready. I’m just waiting on the cookies in the oven. I’ll try to take a picture of it and post it when I’m done.

We’re hoping to take a tall ship cruise transatlantic one day. I can’t remember the name of the vessels - I’ll have to ask **FCD **when he gets home. Anyway, it’s one of those deals where you can either kick back and relax the whole way or get some hands-on time sailing the vessel. We might have to settle for a Caribbean sailing cruise simply because of the time and expense considerations - we shall see.

I’ve been a little busy this morning. I put the last coat of paint on the last door to be installed and I ran to Lowe’s for a circuit breaker and some wire that we need to finish our electrical work. I think I’ll attack and clean the kitchen today and maybe do a little pre-preparing of meals. I’ve got a big lump of ground beef to divide and/or form into meatloaf or meatballs. I will save some of it for a lasagne. I should have bought some ricotta while I was out. Rats.

I’m also thinking I may bake a cake, just because.

Once SIL is done with his homework, I’m hoping we can get the last of the drywall hung in the stairwell. I really only need his help with one piece - the rest are easily manageable alone. We shall see how much gets accomplished today.

Plus I have tomorrow. Loooooooong weekends are nice. Three-day work weeks are nice, too.