How I spent my Saturday – a boring MMP

We sold our boat in April. For the first time since 1990, we are boatless. When I cross one of the bridges around here and see sails passing on the river or bay, I miss being able to do that. But I knew we’d get another boat eventually, and we can always charter, so I’m dealing.

FCD, on the other hand, wants a boat. Really wants a boat! He’s surfed various and sundry yacht sales sites, looking at what’s available. And with his work schedule in a slight slump while he waits for some purchase orders to be filled, he’s been looking at lots of boats for sale.

Well, he found one that I thought was interesting. It was a trawler (yeah, a power boat…) that was for sale and an amazing price. Most similar boats were listed for $45K to over $100K. This particular one was $19K, advertised as a Handyman’s Special. Well, duh! Having been boat owners for most of the 22 years we’ve been married, we know what we can handle and what is beyond us. And it doesn’t cost anything to look, so Saturday was to be the day.

The boat is at Mears Point Marina in Kent Narrows. That’s across the Bay Bridge from Annapolis on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We stopped for breakfast enroute, then crossed the bridge and got to the broker’s office just after 11AM. We brought a tool bag, a couple of flashlights, a camera, and a notepad. The broker unlocked the compound, set up a ladder for us, and left us to check it out.

A bit of history: the boat had been taken out of the water 2+ years ago. The owner didn’t pay his yard bills or anything else, so a few months ago, the marine took possession. The boat was then sold to a man in England based on the listing and the photos. The week before he was to come see the boat, he was in a serious auto accident, and his condition made his boat plans impossible. So he listed it for sale about 6 weeks ago.

Which brings us to Saturday. Mike the broker went back to his office. FCD did a hull inspection and I climbed aboard to start checking out the deck and the interior. There was no doubt that this was a “fixer-upper” – there was evidence of rot in some of the trim wood on deck, and lots of delamination on the deck and the cabin walls. I pushed my foot against one “bubble” on the side of the cabin, and water squirted out. Yeah. So lots of fiberglass was going to have to be removed and replaced, and who knows what might have been under the top layer – we think these cabins were built with plywood sandwiched between fiberglass panels. Chances are there’s lots of rot in the plywood.

Inside the cabin and in both staterooms, more surprises awaited. Water damage was apparent throughout. One section of the overhead was down, and the wood remaining was rotten. Veneer was delaminated in many places. There were many water stains in just about every corner. Some of the parquet flooring was delaminated. We moved one curtain aside to discover something moss-like growing in the window frame. What cushions remained aboard were odiferous.

FCD was impressed with the size and accessibility in the engine room, but that was probably the only thing about this boat that made a good impression. It was beyond a Handyman Special – it was a disaster, plain and simple. Even if they’d offered to give it to us, I’d have said no. We figured it would take at least 2 years to fix it up, and at least $25K in materials. And that’s assuming the engines were still functional after sitting for two and a half years. Needless to say, we’re not going to buy that boat.

Since we had to pass through Annapolis on our way home, we decided to drive through one of our favorite marinas to see what was for sale there. Then we drove to our second favorite marina to look at some others. And we found one that has promise…

Downside – it was built in 1964. Upside – all its major systems and equipment had been replaced or overhauled in the last 2 years or so. The things that were done were done right, and it’s got possibilities. I think it’s a bit overpriced – it would be as if I poured a bunch of money into my old van and tried to sell it to recoup that investment. But we’ve talked about it, and we’ll make a low-ball offer. If they accept it, we’ll get a great deal. If not, we’ll keep looking. On our side – the boat has been on the market since February and they’ve dropped their price once, plus we’ve been told they have or are buying a bigger boat. So they may accept a low offer just to be rid of it.

We shall see. So if we get it, we can have a MMP Three Hour Tour, but only 2 or 3 passengers at a time – it’s just 30’. No arguments of Ginger vs Mary Anne will be tolerated - we all know Lovey Howell was the main mama! :smiley:

Happy Monday, all! Welcome to a new MMP!!!

I came to the conclusion this weekend that I’m not looking forward to staying in this area for the next four years. If I step up the number of credits taken per semester, I can graduate in 2009. Eighteen to twenty credits per semester. For a feckin’ no-good English degree. :frowning:

On Sunday I became obsessive with finding ways to quickly attain a bachelor’s degree. Sunday night I came to the conclusion that it’s impossible to speed it up any more than I have.

I’m thinking of newer, better plans. Go to ISU just to metriculate in order to get [any] financial aid. I can make plans to switch schools and switch majors (to architecture :)) next fall when I would have to start the longer commute to school facilities.

We’ll see.

Now it’s early Monday, I’ve not been to bed, and I have work in four hours and forty-eight minutes. It’ll be a fun day. :rolleyes:

Happy Monday!
There, it flows from FCM’s post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Monday morning (and MMP) FairyChatMom and BrattiAtti!

Thankfully, I’m up a bit early and got online to see if I could actually make the MMP in the morning this time. :slight_smile: Gotta be quick, though. FCM, too bad about the boat in Kent Narrows - it sounds like a real mess. :frowning: Good luck with your bid on the one in Annapolis, though.

BA, good luck with your plans for an early degree. Dunno where you are, but hope that you can find a way to leave as quickly as you wish.

It’s been too hot to do much here (DC area) and it’s unfortunately only going to get worser this week! Only place I went on Saturday was to the grocery store; yesterday we did a bit of a cook-out (hamburgers and hotdogs, along with some grilled peaches, which are really great tasting, btw). Have the feeling that it may be -me- cooking today in the forecasted heat! :eek:

Happy MMP all!

Happy Monday, y’all.

It is definitely too hot here, too. I think, once I’m done with whatever it is I have to do today (and that’s a blessedly small amount, if it exists at all), I’m getting the sprog and going swimming at Gramma’s.

Yeah, that is a good idea.


Ivyboy is coming home from England today!

So, I have a half day at work, and we’re frantically trying to get his room finished…we decided to repaint. I don’t like the color, but Ivylad thinks Ivyboy will like it. We’re about done, except for the touch-up, putting the baseboards back, cleaning and putting everything back.

Is anybody else imagining FCM and FCD playing a spirited game of Mrs. Howell and The Skipper trapped together on an uncharted deserted isle? :smiley:

Welcome to the MMP BrattiAtti. Good luck with your school plans. And yay for you on considering changing majors. Not to be snarky or anything, but a BA in English entitles you to say “you want fries with that” at most fast food chains.

MsR hanging out at a pool is always a good thing. I know. I have one.

herbs let me tell ya a thing to do with canned peach halves. Fill the little center part with chili sauce and run em under the broiler for a few seconds. I know, sounds kinda ICK but it makes a really good side dish. Also, canned peach halves filled with a mixture of softened cream cheese and mayo makes a nummy side dish. Serve 'em chilled. Grilled peaches are also nummy just like you said.

The house demoing was, umm, interesting. Or I should say ICK! The first thing that happened we me pulling the ol’ safety and compliance officer routine I am infamous for at work. See, I was there early (7:00 a.m. even) to take a look around inside before anybody else got there cause I was afraid I’d find some hazardous stuff. I was right! I found needles and syringes plus various other types of drug paraphenalia such as spoons, rubber tubing, butane lighters and such. :eek: Right after I found this and was suiting up (I looked adorable in my triple latexed gloved hands, protective surgical scrubs, goggles, and mask!) my boss and her assistant pulled up. I proceded to say, “No one enters until I clean up all the drug paraphenalia I found.” I can pull rank like that. So, for about 45 minutes while I got all this stuff out (being the ever prepared boy scout that I am, I had sharps containers and biohazard bags with me) people kept showing up and just standing around until I gave the all clear. Then we proceded to rip up carpets, haul out mattresses (three of us all suited up cause I needed help with that), sort through assorted weirdness that was left when the house was cleared out by the descendants of the dearly departed that lived there until her death at the age of 98, tear out the front porch, and saw some limbs off a huuuuuuuuge magnolia tree that’s right up against the house and had grown up all over the roof. Believe it or not we were done with all this by noon. There were twenty hard workin’ people there, most of whom were volunteers who came just to help out. Oh, and we set up a table under the shade in the front yard to put snacks, fruit and such out. Plus we had a ton of bottled water and sports drinks all iced down. Frequent hydration was encouraged as there are no utilities on at that house needless to say. I’m figuring that in six to nine months we will have a gorgeous home for five women with developmental disabilities who live in Camilla/Mitchell County Jawja. Lest y’all think we are discriminatory, there already exists a very nice home for five men with developmental disabilities in Pelham, Jawja which is also in Mitchell County about nine miles south of Camilla. Camilla is the county seat but, IMO Pelham is a cooler historic like town. Then I went home and showered for a looooooooooooooooooooong time! Then I took a nap for an hour. Then ACBG woke me up cause I needed to get myself ready to go to a pool party which was a ton o’ fun. The water felt good on my tired ol’ bones after a morning of hard labor. Plus they put on a spread of bbq chicken, grilled taters (N.O.T., it just does not get old!), steamed fresh (out of their garden!) green beans and homemade apple pie. Plus, lots of cold adult beverages.

Yesterday we had chicken salad, tater (N.O.T., it’s funny everytime!) salad, chilled peaches ala what I said earlier, sliced fresh tomatoes, pickled cucumber and onion salad, and cheese toast. All lovingly prepared by none other than me. Ok, the chicken salad I made last Thursday evening but I made the tater (N.O.T., I may win a prize for most times used in one post!) salad after I went to church. Oh, the most surprising thing to me yesterday was the fact that I was not sore from head to toe when I woke up. I just knew everything was gonna hurt after Saturday’s exertion. The sky started leaking late yesterday afternoon. I was really worried until I was assured that it was something called “rain” and it’s perfectly natural for it to happen. I seem to recall seeing this “rain” before but seems to me it was years and years ago.


Mornin’, y’all.

I had to come to work today to rest. The painting is done at the VunderLair, but not the woodwork, which will wait until after Moving Day Friday. I have pictures, and have them uploaded to Photobucket, but I need to do a bit of editing first.

Yesterday was also the world’s smallest MMP-fest, as Sean Factotum, poster child for middle aged straight white guys, came by and helped out for a couple of hours. He was a big help, and the reason I made it home to bed before midnight…

** Kaiwik**, I apologize for forgetting to take pictures of the cotton field for you, but it’ll get done.

I need to get some work done. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz ::clunk::

Good Monday Morning! I’m up and have had my coffee. wondermutt has crawled out from under the bed, so we are going dog parking before it gets too hot. How hot is it? Last night I turned off the A/C because I was cold. The thermostat said it was 76 in the house. :dubious:
FCM, hope you get the boat, then we can do MMP initiations with live, fresh squid. :eek:
Welcome BA![sub][sub][sub]I pity the Fool![/sub][/sub][/sub] With all the home improvement going on in MMPland, I think we could use a good architect.
enjoy the pool, MsRobyn!
tara, this heat almost makes me sympathize with lobsters. Almost. Mmmm…drawn butter…

::stirs from his sleep::

Swampy, something to consider if you have to make over another crackhouse in the future: you can get something called a nail rake at the local Dome Hepot. It’s a big assed magnet on a stick and it looks kinda like a #1 wood driver. It’s sold to roofers to clean up yards after they do a tear-off. I have one, and use it all the time to pick up dropped metal. It’ll make short work of picking up all those needles and spoons, and you won’t have to risk getting poked trying to pick them up.

I’m actually going to leave for work on time . . . ish
catch you later

Well, except for the fact that it’d be hard to get needles and syringes into a sharp’s container. I use tongs to pick up stuff like that. Regular ol’ cheap kitchen tongs that can be thrown away cause I don’t believe there’s enough sterilizing to be done to make it worth keepin’ 'em. ICK!

Yes, I met Bobbio on Sunday out in Mayberry. His directions were perfect. Things went well until I caused a very large electrical spark behind the washer. But it turned out okay, because Bob got even by beating me with an axe handle.

B: Hey, did you ever see Walking Tall
S: You mean Buford Pusser?
S: OW! My Arm!

Good morn, cool kids. FCM, my hubby, too, wants a hole in the water, to pour our money into, but since we have none, he’ll have to be content with the one he drives at work.Yes, the fire dept for the big airplane company bought a boat for them to play with. They go out on “practice” runs whenever it’s sunny. Funny, they don’t “train” on the boat when it’s cold and rainy. It’s actually a sled :dubious: that goes fast, hydroplaning over the waves. They use it during Sea Fair to ferry the dive team around to rescue drunks who fall off their boats, and to oogle the topless girls. Hubby doesn’t work on Sea Fair weekend this year. :smiley:

In other news, everyone in the family is healthy! Finally! I put hubby and myself on a diet. He had to do fire training in actual fire last week and could barely manage. We’re fat and we’re going to get over it! He brought home chocolate yesterday. :rolleyes: I guess the diet starts tomorrow…

My birthday came and went without a tear, even though I turned :eek: 60 :eek: DON’T ANYONE WISH ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I HATE THIS! I did not sign up for this “OLD” stuff! I went back and read the contract. I crossed out the part about getting old, fat and creeky, but here I am, 60 years old, with a sore back, swollen feet and hands that, every morning, feel like I left them out in the rain to rust. I didn’t cry about the breach of contract on my birthday, so don’t make me now!

I’m going back to bed.

Good morning, everybody!

FCM, that wasn’t boring at all! Especially not with the promise of a 3-hour tour in our (potential, collective) futures. And I’m all for advancing Lovey as the new solution to the tiresome Ginger/Marianne debate. (Is that because I’m now closer to Lovey’s age than to Marianne’s?)

Add NY-Tristate Area to the list of places that are too hot! As I was outside yesterday doing my planting, I kept thinking about kai and her 50 degress in Alaska, and it was sounding pretty good. After the gardening work was done & showers were had, we went to a street fair in the village of Nyack. I ran into a good friend from high school whom I haven’t seen in about 12 years. My daughter also bought herself a really pretty belt. She hates to spend her own money, so I was happy she found someting she liked enough to do that! I fell asleep shortly after dinner, probably by about 8:30.

Swampy - Good job on Extremem Makeover: Crack Den Edition. Your team should be very grateful that you were looking out for them!

Looking forward to the before and after pictures from the VunderLair. (Before Sean was beaten with an axe handle, and after!) :wink:

Instead of “happy birthday,” picunurse, can we just wish you a happy new year, instead?

Ugh, boats.

I don’t want nothin’ to do with no more boats. I hate the things. At this point, a boat is nothing to me beyond an avenue to the aquisition of fresh fish. And it better belong to somebody besides me, because I don’t want to deal with it. It’s bad enough that I have to help clean it up.

They always leak around the windows. Bad glass hides more problems than it prevents. Mold grows everywhere. The engines never work properly two days in a row. Marinas are full of thieves. The electronics? Might as well dunk 'em directly in the ocean, because they’re going to crap out anyway. Everything costs about ten times what it ought to, and every hour on the water means two at the dock cleaning and fixing crap.

But, hey, that’s just me and my silly little predjudices. Enjoy your boat. I’ll be on the beach with a margarita, like God intended.

Twinkie, there were no pictures of the beating.

VBob, I forgot to tell you that I marked the circuit on the fusebox for the outlets by the washer.

Roundboy is on vacation this week. So all you folks in Florida, be advised you will see a dip in the state’s ambient intelligence for about five days.

While his telling is certainly more entertaining, that not what happened.

I was throwing out some crap from the laundry area, and found an old axe handle, so I asked him if he wanted to audition for the next remake of Walking Tall. Hilarity ensued, and the handle went into the pile.

Later, we took the pile to the other end of the property to where it will become my Bonfire of The Century. While we were heaving objects onto the pile, he happened to step in front of me just as I launched a completely different piece of wood, and it connected with his left shoulderblade. :smack: for me, and :eek: for him…

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

I like boats as long as someone else is responsible for keeping them running and clean. Otherwise I’ll be next to Ex, stealing his margarita.
Morning. It’s going to be very hot here. I do not like heat. I need caffeine and ice packs. It would be nice if it were suddenly to drop to -4 and start snowing.



I’m sneaky. picu will never notice that cause I struck through it. HEE! HEE! HEE!

I didn’t even leave the house yesterday. This morning on my way to work, I noticed that it was 90 degrees at 8:30 in the morning. I’m going to visit kaiwik, I think.

Swampy, I once lived in a place like you described. Because of various difficulties in securing the apartment (i.e., our realtors ran off with all our money and left us with no place to live, so this was the best we could do), we had to clean it out ourselves in order to make it habitable. I spent about two hours doing a Silkwood in the (freshly cleaned) shower after that.

picu, I will most assuredly not say the bad word, but happy something. :slight_smile:

I did absolutely nothing this weekend that required changing out of my jammies. Friday night, I went home and took a nap, then watched tv, then went to bed. Saturday, I played a computer game, then watched tv, then went to Target (in aforementioned jammies). Yesterday, I took all the fabric shades down from my bedroom windows and started painting stuff on them. What stuff? Whatever came to mind. 5 of 12 are finished, and they’re looking pretty. But it was awfully bright in my room this morning, what with more than half the shades down. I think I’ll take the finished ones and put them to the east sometime tonight.

Oh, and in total, I believe I watched fourteen movies over the course of the weekend.