How I spent my Saturday – a boring MMP

Good morning, all!

Boating is cool.

Is it just me or is Exgineer turning somewhat curmudgeonly? Or was he always curmudgeonly and I never noticed? :smiley:

Picu, Happy Un-Birthday, how’s that?

Good morning, Drae. How much did you end up spending at Target?

It’s hot here but I really don’t want any snow. We only get three measly months of summer anyway, I don’t want to give it up so easily.

Ooh! Ooh! I just got the news that my friend Mary is in labor as we speak, so I’m waiting for more info. Mary is the fiancee of my friend Scotty, who is actually my friend Anissa’s oldest son–which means that according to the naming conventions of our circle of friends, this little girl (at least, according to the ultrasound) will be my grand-niece. I’m 30 years old, and I have a grand-niece. But Anissa’s a grandma at 36, so it’s easier to make fun of her. :smiley:

Someone I babysat and embarrassed in public on purpose when he was ten years old is about to be somebody’s father. That’s just weird.

We heard the shuttle come home this morning. A bit of thunder, then a “Welcome home” as it zoomed by on its way to Cape Canaveral.

I feel a bit like Marvin the Martian…“Where’s the Ka-Boom? There’s supposed to be an earth-shattering KA-BOOM!”

I had thirty-five dollars to my name. I spent thirty-four. :smiley:

Hey, all.

Many returns of the day, picunurse --we nurse types have to stick together…
I am off to do errands and pack and and and and and–oy.
We terminated life support on someone this weekend. Pt’s relative asked me, “just how long is this gonna take?” I said that taking out the “tube” and disconnecting the ventilator takes about 5 minutes. He said, “No-I mean after.”

I replied (somewhat dry) that I really didn’t know just how long it would take the man to die.
:eek: and :rolleyes:

I like boats, sorta. I love the look of the sleek sailboats, but have never been on one. I don’t like so much the stinky, loud engines of motor and speed boats. Heck–guess I’ll stick with ferries, when I can.

Swampus --that remodel sounds like something out of Faulkner? Anyone named Quentin around?

Ahem, fcm…is it some kind of a record that money from the sale of the old boat is still fluttering down into the bank account and you are already looking at new ones? :wink:

It is hot here today, too. But, hey, it’s always hot in Flawduh in July. We’re used to it and we LIKE it! Very rare for us to get into the triple digits, though.

I was very productive yestidy. Got alla my housework done and then some. Went shopping for a new outfit that will show off my tan. Made a nummy dinner of baked NOTs and boneless lamb leg. Did you know iffen you get a leetle lamby leg and season it up, you can just broil it and it tastes devine? No? Well, it does…so there! :stuck_out_tongue:

ivy, durn it! I was hoping for the kaboom here at work. Didn’t hear nuttin! :mad:

Heh, just found out that the server containing all of the PR department files crashed over the weekend and we can’t get to our stuff. Heh. :smack:


I am irritated. I get t his e-mail from a Big Man last week:

well the saga continues…seems the merger of the files was somewhat incomplete…and so I have to enter the bd member indicators for the divisions…which a lot of you have already sent from my other email…now I need the date they became a bd member for their current term…and then when they first became a bd member…tx

Ok, so I send him the board list, which has the companies. A little later I send him, in an e-mail, all the dates of when they became a board member. We don’t have term limits. I get this snippy e-mail back:

Please pay close attention to what I’m asking for…I needed a list of bd members showing their company…then I needed the bd list to indicate what year they started teir positions…i don’t know how more plainly I can ask…and the deadlines been missed.

Well, asshole, if you can’t speak English and use proper grammar and state exactly what you need, it’s not my fault if I can’t understand it. Near as I can figure he wants our current board list with the year they started on that list. I think? I hate people.

Back from the dog park. We got to watch a pair of collies herd a curly haired white terrier.:
Collie #1: pushes terrier
Terrier: “I am not a sheep!”
Collie #2 :barks: “shut up sheep!”
I’m going to go get my hair cut after breakfast, hair is too hot.


Happy 30th Anniversary
of your 30th

Sean, “The beatings will continue until morale improves”
mika, I think Ex has always been a curmudgeon. That is why he is my idol.
Drae, I think you are on to something. We should hold a dopefest at kaiwik’s house right now

Boats – I have one but have never been on it! How’s that for weird boat-ownership. Actually it was in dry-dock (read: interminable repars) when hubbie and I got together and our lives have been so busy since that time it has never gotten out! So, I await the day when I can go boating on my very own boat.

Molly update. Thank you all so much for the kind words. (From last week’s MMP … for those of you who didn’t read, my dog, now in the possession of my former husband, was to be put down Satruday and I said a tearful goodbye to her on Friday.)

But … Molly is still among us, having rallied enough for the vet visit that neither the vet nor former husband had the heart to put her down. The vet said older dogs will rally like this, then wane again. It’s just heart-rending. But since I rarely am at his house, I will still consider my good-bye the official, final good-bye, I suppose. I hate it that it’s this drawn-out affair. :frowning:

Hot. Hot. HOT-HOT-HOT is what it is here in Lovely Lexington. Temps to be in the upper 90s today with the heat index putting it over 100. Well, it’s just July in Kentucky, whaddya expect.

I spent a July weekend in Louisville several years ago–I am never doing that again. :slight_smile:

To make it truly Faulkneresque, they needed Flem Snopes and his chillun hangin’ 'round trying to borrow a shovel.

A reference to As I Lay Dying

Honestly, I’ve heard louder thunder. If you’re not keeping an ear out for it you will miss it.

Ex is always grumpy. It is his Natural State of Being.

I am afraid to go outside. When I get outside the heat will jump up and strangle me. Yes, I know it isn’t that hot- high of 91- but I am a Canadian and I go all melty when it’s more than 25C (which is what, 70 something?)

Time to make breakfast. I’m working 12 till 8 today, so if I don’t eat just before leaving I’m starving by break. My break’s around dinnertime.

This weekend I watched paint dry. Well, actually I watched slate seal but it was very much like watching paint dry, only lower.

I’m 'cited 'bout the prospect of a new(ish) FCM boat, and the tales endimic to such.

While walking down the railroad tracks going to the grocery store, I saw a deer. A DEER! IN NEW JERSEY!

I’ve never seen a deer in New Jersey before.

What the… “endemic”.

You live up in Bergen County, don’t you? Because down here in Morris, we not only have deer, but wild turkeys and bears. :smiley:

Yes, Bergen County. All I’ve seen before is the occasional raccoon, possum, rabbit & skunk. And I once saw three egrets in a drainage ditch.

First time seeing a deer six feet in front of me. Neither of us moved for a couple of minutes.

I think that’s because they like to hang out here, in Rockland, Bergen’s next-door-neighbor. We have a family of 6 (at least) living in the woods behind our house. They must have finished eating all the good stuff here, and they took a little trip down the PIP to visit you?

Where in Bergen are you, anyway? Do we shop at the same supermarket?

Englewood Shop Rite. I was walking down the railroad tracks right by it, staying in the shade., and a deer shows up right in front of me.