My splendid snack/junk food creation - the pappadam butty

I made this a while ago looking for a late night snack with what was around. I have since served it to other people (admittedly mainly while watching football) with good results.

Cook a few spicy pappadams, one at a time in the microwave. Put them on a paper towel, spray for only a second with a good oil (macadamia for me) and blitz for 50 seconds (in my microwave). Stack them up until you have enough (this will vary I like 2 some people like more).

Grab 2 slices of bread. Butter one lightly. Spread the other with your chutney of choice. Pile pappadams on one slice top with other slice and compress the whole lot and eat. Pretty messy with bits falling out.

Best enjoyed outdoors.

Hmm, that makes me think - wouldn’t it be cool to have papadam tacos? Fold up a papad, fry it, then put in some of your fave chutney, bhajia, raita, bit of salad, top with a not-too-sloppy curry.

Damn I’m very hungry now.