My subconscious told me a joke.

It’s rather Vaudevillian.
Straight man: Gee Dave, I’m taking a cross country flight and I’m worried I might talk in my sleep.
Dave: You should try some Sleep Walkers pulls out two socks which apparantly keep you from walking in your sleep
Straight man looking confused:
How would they work?
Dave stuffing them into the straight guy’s mouth: Like this.

I expected Dave to turn to the audience and say “Goodnight everyone” but instead I woke up. It made me laugh and so I must share it with you.

Although I am concerned my subconscious may have swiped it from somewhere.

Who’s Dave?

I told your Subconscious’s joke to my Inner Child, and she laughed so hard she snorted chocolate milk up her nose. Then she darted away, shrieking “neener neener” at my Superego. My Superego, as always, sniffed and said “We are not amused.”

Dave’s not here, man.

How does he smell?

Hello, Daaave?

I’d like my socks back please.

and wash them would ya?

knock knock knock!

Who is it?

It wasn’t him but I’ve been thinking about Dave Foley a lot lately. And singing a little “These are the Daves I know, I know, I know. These are the Daves I know.”