My tastes and preferences are superior to yours.

My tastes and preferences in food, music, literature, television, and other visual and performing arts are correct, and thus superior to yours. I am also far more open-minded than you, and more open to new experiences. If you have dislikes for a certain kind of food, music, or something else, you’re just a closed-minded, intellectually challenged and suspect individual that I can only pity. There are things I dislike too, but that’s different, because I can’t imagine anyone liking what I don’t like. Thus, my dislikes are correct, and more justified than yours.

Well, darn.

So, it seems that your only character flaw is that you are just too modest about your exquisite tastes. Are you afraid of hurting our feelings?

That isn’t a flaw, it’s a feature. Those of us with exquisite tastes are too polite to flaunt our superiority. But hiding our greatness would be a sin.


I found a flaw in your statement. I’m sure that someone will come along and claim that they don’t own a television set thus proving that their tastes are better than yours.

I’ve not heard of this “television” that you speak of but I’m sure it would be beneath me.

I’m inferior to everyone I know and have ever met, so you’re nothing special to me.

God, I hate a sneak-bragger.


Ah, but the fact that you judge other people based on superficial qualities like their personalities and interests is proof that I am morally superior to you. I could never fathom judging people for any reason whatsoever, and find this whole idea of judgment appalling and reprehensible. Only morally bankrupt swine could judge others as inferior. Therefore, you are inferior.

But don’t you know that morality is merely a social construct that shackles the unenlightened?

How did **lissener **post under elmwood’s name?

You are obviously still young enough to care.

I used to be conceited, but now I’m perfect.

I was going to say about this, “For the win” until I read this…

Regarding this TV business, true classiness is to own one, but it must be a 12" black and white. In this regard, I rule!

No personal insults in MPSIMS. Don’t do this again.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

And I don’t have opinions, or beliefs. I only have facts.

Hey, that could be a Chuck Norris joke!
Chuck Norris doesn’t have opinions. He has facts.

Nothing can be said to truly exist, therefore nothing is neither superior nor inferior.

What, that’s the only idiotic non-reason that you feel you’re superior to everyone else? Slacker. As far as I can tell, most people have smugly reveled in at least eight of these by lunchtime. Get with the program, or feel the wrath of baseless inferiority.

I almost not-posted to show how nonjudgmental I am. Expressing thoughts about right/wrong, superior/inferior are for those that care what others think. I just know.

However, I thought my non-post post would fail to penetrate your understanding and taste, so I posted.

Who is this Chuck Norris person? Is he some sort of famous individual? Because I deliberately avoid knowing about that sort of thing. Only the hoi polloi bother with that.