My tooth is driving me loopy!

One of my molars (to be precise, bottom left side, number three from the back) has either had a small piece chipped off or had part of a filling fall out. It now has a sharp and kind of pointy corner that I keep poking my tongue into, and it just feels… wrong. There’s no pain, it’s just incredibly annoying. It’s driving me positively nuts. Now, there’s no way I can afford going to the dentist right now. Those guys may fix your teeth, but they charge an arm and a leg, and I need the full use of all my limbs at the moment.

I guess what I need is something to distract me. Any ideas?

I’ve heard you can get parrafin wax to put on it, so you won’t cut your tongue anymore.

Man I hate that. It seems impossible to keep your tongue off. I’ve found it takes something like 3 days to get use to the change. Do you have a regular dentist? Why not call and ask if they can do something low-cost for you? Maybe if it’s just a little chip they could smooth it out for you a little? It’s worth a try?

Get your tongue off of that!

I say get it fixed now! I had the same thing happen, and ignored it – sure, it’s pointy at first, but it soon wears down a little and/or you get used to it, so you leave it – and of course it provides an entry point for infection in the end. Two years later, suddenly an abscess popped up and I ended up having to have root canal on it. (Root canal doesn’t hurt, BTW, except in the wallet :frowning: )

You can get temporary fillings at the drug store that could help. They’re relatively cheap.