My two great career wants. I just realized they are linked.

I followed the career path of computer programming.

University killed my pasion for it and I got a bare pass (however top of the entire dept for the one bit I was interested in - programming) on and off since I’ve wished I’d done a course on psychology. You see I’m fascinated by how the mind works and how it sometimes doesn’t work in spectacular ways.

I just now realized my interest in computing may have been influenced by a semi-subconcious desire to work in a field which aims to implement the workings and quirks of the humam mind in an artificial form (computers)
To put it into one sentence. I want to be the person that figures out how to create artificial intelligence.

How do we know you aren’t a Turing test just trying to fool us?

Fooled me.

Unfortunately, my career choice of caring for animals doesn’t go with my desire to go to culinary school. Well, it could but that’s not the kind of chef (or vet tech) that I want to be.

Mmm… the most delicious trip to the vet ever. And also kind of horrifying. But delicious.

Unless maybe you’re the guy who develops the Cow that actually WANTS to be eaten?

That’s exactly why I chose the dual-degrees that I did (CS and philosophy). Now I’m a grad student working in A.I.; I’m continually amazed at both how much and, at the same time, how little we know about how the mind works.

Great, he’s going to program Skynet…

Too influenced by Asimov for that.

The spelling errors.

now that made me think of a question. Could you have a true artificial intelligence, if it had unbreakable parameters imposed on it’s behaviour? Is it any different to social conditioning of humans?

Ah, but a truly intelligent AI would do that to deceive you and lull you into a false sense of security while it’s carrying out its nefarious plans.

I’ve known people whose intelligence can only be called artificial :slight_smile: (superficial?)
As a future madman physicist bent on world domination, I would point out that the creation of AI naturally leads to mankind creating something with a) a will to survive and dominate and b) the skills to eventually do so.

This is bad for humanity, I tell ya. Trust me, I know.