'my uncle used to love me but she died'

Does anyone know if there is any particular meaning to this Roger Miller tune?

Not that I am aware of. Should there be?

Apples are for eatin and snakes are for hissin
I’ve heard about a’huggin and I’ve heard about kissin
I read about it free in a fifty cent illustrated guide
My uncle used to love me but she died


Roger Miller didn’t always make the most sense in his songs. I think he was just trying to make a funny lyric.

The lyrics may have turned out a little too silly even for Roger Miller. He remade this song in the early '70s as “My Mama Used to Love Me but She Died.”

reminds me of the Greenday lyrics
"I went to a shrink,
to analyze my dreams,
she says it’s lack of sex that’s bring me down;
I went to a Whore,

  • he said my life’s a bore,
    so quite my whining 'cause it’s bringing * her down."

I think they just do that to add a little variety to their songs, keep people wondering, and make people post threads like that. Also helps popularize their songs, and keep them popularized.