My wall needs decoration

I’ve in the middle of redecorating my rather small apartment.

In the apartment I have a wall that’s about 8x8 feet and white. The wall needs some kind of decoration/painting/posters/whatever. Unfortunately I’m at a loss as to what I want.

What I know is that I want something modern, quite minimalistic and preferably cool.


The wall in question.

It would be helpful if there were a few more shots of the rest of the room so we know what would work in the context of the rest of the apartment.

Have you considered a full-length wall-mounted mirror?

I have thought about a mirror, but since it is in my combined living- and bedroom I think it might just be a bit too much.

I could go for something like this though: LCD mirror

Anyway: I tried to take a panorama photo of the room, even though my camera doesn’t have a panorama-function. Panorama-view

Actually there are three walls that all need something. But the largest one, the one on the right, is most in need of something.

I had something like this in mind - I don’t think it’d take up the entire wall so you would have to supplement it with something else, but I think it might look nice.