My weirdass annoying shower curtain contraption

Okay, so my shower curtain rod (which was chosen and installed by previous owner) doesn’t have those rings that you usually see. It’s got a little track from which hang a series of plastic hooks. Now, as I say, these are just hooks, not those rings that go through the holes and snap closed They’re open, so if you lift the curtain, they come unhooked.

The weird thing is this – if you move the curtain at any speed faster than very gently, the holes have a tendency to pop out and onto the neighbouring hook. And when two holes get around a hook, it’s really annoying to separate (especially when half asleep early in the morning). Also, the hooks themselves have a tendency to cross, which is even more difficult to disentangle.

It amazes me how a random jump so often results in such a precise hop from one hook to another…

That is all.

My parents have some C-shaped hooks for my shower curtain instead of the rings. They look nice, but if you move the curtain too fast the curtain liner comes off the hooks. Almost every time I take a shower I have to re-hook at least 4 holes on the curtain liner.