My wife’s bachelorette party?

I’ve always been curious about what happened at my wife’s bachelorette and what happened at bachelorette parties in general. Specifically when a male stripper is hired for a private party.

Here are the only details I know about my wife’s party (this was many years ago)
• she told me that the stripper just danced around in a thong and everyone just laughed and cheered
• one of her friends told me that the stripper had her back up against the wall and that he was all up in her face
•she also said that my wife was embarrassed and hiding her face with her hands
• and my wife said that 2 of the women got carried away and that it was gross

So what do you think happened at my wife’s party?

And ladies: what have you seen happen with male strippers at bachelorette parties?


Drunk women having a fun evening, and probably getting a little more adventurous than they might normally be.

Beyond that, random people on this message board (smart though we may be) who weren’t there, and don’t know any of the participants, are going to know even less about it than you do.

That, and if this happened “many years ago,” and you’re still wondering about it, and thinking about it enough that you joined a message board to ask people about it, I might suspect that there are other issues going on.

This isn’t Penthouse Letters.