Just how wild to bachelorette parties get, anyway?

Inspired by both second-hand anecdotes and another SDMB thread, are bachelorette parties typically as wild as popularly claimed?

I’ve heard of brides going to strip clubs and leaving with the featured act, brides hooking up with some random guy for a last day of shore leave, and brides making out with guys in clubs/bars–just for the hell of it–while the bridal party cheers them on.

I spend way too much time behind a desk and on travel overseas. I’ve never seen any of this stuff.

Care to clue me in?

They’re as wild as the women throwing them. Seriously. The ones I’ve attended are moderate. Lots of booze and XXX gifts with maybe a male stripper thrown in. Nothing too raunchy.

Besides, if you’re going to ask for details about bachelorette parties, you’re going to have to 'fess up about bachelor parties. I’ve heard really shocking stories of skanky strippers and odd places to put dollar bills.

A friend of mine went to a bachelorette party where the “main attraction” stirred their drinks with his cock. Blow jobs ensued.

The only one I’ve bothered to attend, the maid of honor took us to a big Italian restaurant, then dragged us to a mediocre comedy club, and ended up apologizing for how “risque” the material was. (It wasn’t.) On the way home in a car to ourselves, the bride-to-be and I said we’d have preferred to be with the guys, who were on a pub crawl which was a serious (and non-sexual - no strippers/hookers/etc.) blast.

Exactly. There’s no template for the correct amount of raunch in any bachelorette (or bachelor, for that matter) party. Some are tame enough for the spouse-to-be’s parents to attend. Other are blackmail material.

I expect there’s a certain amount of porno fantasy behind the anecdotes which inspired the OP. Like how guys droolingly assume that girls’ preteen slumber parties are all dildos and oral experimentation. Maybe some are, but the most scandalous things I ever saw at slumber parties were prank calls to radio stations and massive s’mores consumption.

I’ve been to exactly one bachelorette party. It was a lot of fun. Just a few close friends, no guys.

We all got together at the bride’s house (my best friend), which was decorated in a Hawaiian theme. Drinks were had by all except me (I was going to be driving), dancing and listening to goofy music was also on the agenda. There were a lot of penis-shaped things: a penis-shaped drink container, penis-shaped candy… you know. I have never understood why this is a requirement for a bachelorette party, but if it makes people happy… haha. The candy was horrible and flavourless which made it even funnier, though. One of our friends gave the bride her first thong, which we all took turns putting on over our clothes.

Went to a few bars, wearing leis and flowers in our hair and carrying penis-shaped accessories. Drank… well, they drank, anyway, and we all danced. The band playing in the first bar wanted an audience member to sing with them, so I got up and did it. At another bar, the bride threw the thong up in the air and it got stuck in the rafters. The DJ came out to get it down. :slight_smile:

Afterwards, we went to our favourite 24-hour greasy restaurant, and drove around in my car listening to music. Stopped at a park and played on the swings and slides. The night ended with all of us crashing on the floor in the bride’s basement and having a girly slumber party.

Nothing wild went on, but it was one of the best nights of my life. I’d love to do it again for no reason at all.

Neither my friends nor I are the type who are into strippers and male “entertainment”, though, we just took it as a night to be girly and wacky and do whatever we wanted.

(I miss them so much. :frowning: Now I want to go home and see them even more!)