My wife's asleep. I'm on the computer. Hmm, what should I do?

Probably not what you’d expect. Mind, y’all, this is only about 15 minutes’ worth of work so it’s nothing approaching polished. But it was fun!

Link WARNING: Brief instance of NSFW language.

Awesome, love that tune!

Very nice!

cool! :smiley:

So, are you playing a guitar unconnected to an amp? Very nice little performance. I, too, shot an man in Reno just to watch him die. :cool:

I love your voice. That was very cool.

No’m, a fiddle!

I was expecting at any moment a shoe would come flying and hit you in the back of your head.

But yeah, cool tune. I haven’t heard that one in a long time.

Uhhh… Frantics, or sleep-deprived wife?

Missed this… thanks. If it sounds that good in the middle of a moderately bad cold, I guess I’m doing OK.

Never would’a guessed fiddle. And I agree, you have a very nice voice.

Heh, yes. I was thinking the shoe thrower would be the sleep deprived wife.

Actually, after I finished this one I got an idea for an album of tracks like this, ending with her nearly catching me in the act à la catching your significant other surfing porn sites.

Unless you’re like Phoebefrom Friends, and you only get a deep sexy voice when you have a cold!