Mystery. Does this mean anything to you?

Presently, I am organizing my compulsion for notebooks.
Notebooks that I write my stories in, mainly.

In the margins of most of them I have notes to myself. Some pertaining to the story I write and the direction the story should take or blurbs of “where the hell am I going with this?”

Some I have titles of songs or products I’ve heard on the radio. Phone numbers or because of the time I’ve spent in hospitals and waiting rooms, medicalspeak/room numbers and to-do lists.

But I wrote smething down that, well, rather than google, I thought I’d let the Doper CommunityMotto: Let our fingers do the googling for you figure this one out.

Normally, when I read whatever it is, I have a flashbulb memory of the exact place and time. This one, however, stymies me:

" Come away from the water, Shirley."

Someone tell me what it is.

Something Laverne said?

Its a book, I think. I can’t remember the author. Give me a minute.


The author is John Burningham. It is a childrens book.

**im2evil4u ** is the winner.


Anytime, Shirley Ujest. A librarian knows her titles.

What do I win?

Cash, perhaps? (Considering I don’t get paid enough, this might be a great incentive to continue in this field)

I get really annoyed when folks call me shirley. In the Scalar weapons thread I resisted pulling my 1920s model of death projector, but I can be provoked too far.