Mystery Vacation Photo

I was looking through my old vacation pictures from Europe last summer and I found one… I wasn’t sure what I was taking a picture of!

check it out

Sweet Jesus, that scared the shit outta me.


I knew it was going to be one of those.


I guess after the “A homeless woman died here” and the “Find out what’s wrong with this picture”, a rabbit is the next logical step.

Now, if you had managed to photograph a haggis, that would have been something.

Al I saw was a dude with glasses, fur, and some cut-out donkey ears.
Where was the rabbit?
Did I miss something?

Opal, you’re weird.

But you knew that. :slight_smile:

Actually those were a headband with bunny ears that he really was wearing. See more humiliating pictures of my husband with bunny ears here

This is my parody of the “what’s wrong with this picture” type pages. (I can’t stand those, so I had to make fun of them)

Dagnab it Opal – that hook HURTS!

Now I gotta go find my pliers… and a hanky to catch the drool…

:smiley: :smiley:
I figured that was your hubby, Opal. Just my dorky attempt to be funny!

Where’s the Holy Hand Grenade when you need it?

Opal, you are one silly Cat.