Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet (Apple TV+ show)

I looked around and I didn’t see a thread for Mythic Quest; if there is one, feel free to merge this.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the show (about the workers at a World of Warcraft-esque MMORPG). I thought it compared very favourably to Silicon Valley and Superstore, two other workplace comedies that I think are funny. Rob McElhenney’s character (the egotistic creative director) is much more interesting than his character in It’s Always Sunny, IMO. The weakest part was probably the will-they, won’t-they relationship between the two QA testers, but it had its moments too.

I’ve only made it through the first five episodes (and ep5 barely counts as watching the show) but it’s been a fairly entertaining trip so far. Nothing where I’d say “OMG you need to be watching this show” but amusing enough to keep going. Usually a good laugh and a few chuckles from each episode.

I could see it either dying after this season or hanging around for a few similar seasons of “good, but not must watch” content. Being on Apple TV can’t help it since I never hear of anyone talking about Apple TV, much less for original programming.

Well, it made me laugh out loud enough times that my wife said “hey keep it down, I’m trying to watch something here”.

(Does 9 months count as a zombie?? :zombie: Anyway…)

I just discovered this show over the weekend, and – despite not being a gamer – I loved it! I could have done without the in-game day/night transitions, but my only significant complaint is about the Jo character: she so totally should have been fired as soon as she sent the “kill yourself” message to Pootie_Shoe. Her schtick got old pretty much immediately. Otherwise, though, good stuff! I loved episode 5 (it was nice to see Jake Johnson outside of Stumptown), and the end of episode 10 was surprisingly fun to watch. :slight_smile:

It seems like there will be a second season…I look forward to it!

Bumpity. Season 2 has started (and of course there are the pandemic special and the post-pandemic special.)

I’m really looking forward to this season, but these days I am a spoiled binge-watcher: I plan to wait until most (if not all) of the episodes are available. :slight_smile:

Well, the latest episode (2x06) had a highly unexpected guest star!

Damn, this is a good show. Neither my wife nor I are gamers, but we loved it. They really dealt well with diverse workplace issues like those faced by women in the workplace. Great writing and acting.

I lost my shit during the HR/animal episode. I think I had that same training. And people acted exactly that way!

This show and Ted Lasso would be sufficient reason for anyone to get a short-term subscription to AppleTV.

2 more seasons authorized. I’m thinking we may cancel AppleTV, the sign up again in a year or 2.

I just binge-watched it. And I am a professional game developer (have been for 25+ years).

It’s fun. I enjoyed it a lot. But any connection to actual day-to-day game development is tenuous at best. For instance, why does Poppy not seem to know or like or ever talk to any other programmers, ever? Why are there two testers who get to sit on the main floor with all the “real” developers, and the rest exist in some nether void? And a fair bit of what Poppy does (for instance, helping Ian out with the shovel animation) is really work that would be done by a designer or animator, not a programmer. It does get a fair bit of the look/aesthetic of a game company right, and a lot of the words/terms/job titles are reasonably accurate. But the actual feel of how things work, both on the micro and macro level, are just flat out wrong.

The quest has resumed.

I’m psyched about the new season, but plan to wait until there are more episodes to binge. I might not make it until January, when the whole season will be available, but I’m going to (try to) wait at least another week or two. Which might also be the next time I venture into this thread, as I’ll want to avoid spoilers. :wink:

Wow, seriously? great news, but I thought the last season ended in a very series finale kinda way.

We thought so too, or at least my partner did - I said I hoped there was another season and he asked if I was even watching since it was all wrapped up. Glad he was wrong- loved this series.

I’m about halfway through Season 3 now. I liked Season 2, but Season 3 has kind of gone off the deep end in terms of connection to reality. As noted above, the previous season ended on a “series finale” kind of note and then they just brought everyone back by shuffling their jobs around a bit?

On an unrelated note, I noticed that the bumpers between scenes have switched from mostly Assassin’s Creed animations to mostly League of Legends cut scenes. Isn’t Ubisoft the owner of the show? I didn’t think Ubisoft owned League of Legends, does it?

I thought season 3 was a massive drop in quality from season 2. It really felt like the writers were saying “let’s pick two random characters who haven’t interacted much before, and come up with some random tortured plot reason for them to interact, and given them a B story”. Which wasn’t without moments of charm and fun, but which really didn’t carry the entire story of the season.

We were watching The Mindy Project. There was one character who looked familiar but we couldn’t place him. Turned out he was the actor who played Ian.