Nader calls Bush a tool

Just turned on c-span and there is Ralph Nader talking about how unintelligent Bush is.
His quote: “George Bush is a tool…of corporations.”
I truly don’t think he meant it that way, and he didn’t pause but still he can now be quoted as saying Bush is a tool.
I just found it funny.

Well, it takes one to know one.

What a snappy reply!

Hey! Champ!



My dad’s bigger’n yer dad!

No, no, no, Ralph Nader is a tool…of the tort system.

See? Isn’t it a lot funnier that way?

Nader just wishes his tool was…in a bush?
Or would that be…in a Bush?

[Butthead] heh heh heh He said tool heh heh heh [/Butthead]

There so many tools in politics they should have congressional meetings sponsored by ‘Black And Decker’.

Ehh, that sounded funnier in my head for some reason.

My dad is bigger than your dad, he’s got eight cars and a house in Ireland, sing it!