Naked Bicyclist Protests In Chicago, Madrid, London & Elsewhere

06/12/2005: World Naked Bike Ride 2005

One of those multi-gripe protests:

[ul][li]Some bikes carried banners reading, “Oil is not a bare necessity but a crude obsession”[]“Support the trade justice movement.”[]“There is too much pollution. It stinks in London, and we use too much fossil fuel.”“What we clearly want to show is that we feel naked against the traffic…Every day we have to put up with the traffic, the aggression of the drivers, their speed and bad manners.”[/ul]Most were men, naked except for shoes and helmets…[/li][/quote]
What a bummer, no whistles. In every photo on the internet news sites, the majority are wearing helmets…at least their priorities are in order.

Pretty much like Freddie Mercury envisioned it so long ago, but the idea was nixed by the powers that be. Oh, and he wanted all the cyclists to be women, IIRC.