Name a film set in this state!

For some reason I was thinking about the different states in the USA that films have been set, and I wondered if every state has been used as a film setting.

So, just for fun, take the state that the last poster suggested, and name a film which was set either entirely or partially in that state, then suggest another state for the next poster. It doesn’t count if the film was about a train or roadtrip travelling through the state.

When all 52 states have been used up, the game is over (duh!). Not being American, I could be wrong on that 52 figure, but I’ll try to keep track of how many are left. :slight_smile: I don’t really know if this will sink like a stone or go all the way…

So to start:


“Insomnia” (Al Pacino) was set in Alaska.

New Mexico

Part of Sidney Lumet’s Power is set in New Mexico.

How about Oregon?

The Far Horizons, about the Lewis and Clark expedition, is partially set in Oregon.


We did this in a thread several years ago. If you search on something like “film” or “movie” and the names of several states, you should be able to find the thread. If I recall correctly, we had problems finding films for a few states.

52 is the correct number if you count Canada and Mexico.

Bronco Billy is set mostly in Idaho. This movie even has a scene showing the drugstore that my mom and dad still own and operate. This wasn’t exactly a box-office smash, though.

Another not-so-blockbuster movie set in Idaho was Moving. While the movie is set in Idaho and some of the establishing shots were filmed here, most of what happens in the movie didn’t really take place here.

Let’s try for South Dakota now.

Twin Falls, Idaho. Movie about identical twins directed by the Polish brothers.

I’ll make this easy. Maine.

Ok we will take South Dakota and I will take the easy cop out with North by Northwest. Now Maine :0

Pet Sematary is set in Ludlow, Maine.

Next: Iowa

Maine - Pet Semetary - In the Bedroom

How’s abouts Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania: Witness, Philadelphia, and Blow-Out

Ooops, got beat. Iowa = Field of Dreams

Now Pennsylvania


You need to suggest a state ** h.sapiens**

Whoops, forgot to add a state:


Wisconsin = Major League (just saw it) & I think The Blues Brothers has some scenes there. Any movie about Jeffrey Dahmer or Harley Davidson too!

New Jersey-

Well, The Straight Story involved Alvin Straight’s journey to visit his brother in Wisconsin, so the last part of the movie is set there. Most of it took place in Iowa, though.

Let’s do Kansas next.

Kansas? That’s easy. The Wizard of Oz. How about South Carolina?

That’s easy: Picnic, written by Independence KS native William Inge, set in Independence (though the town in the film may have been given a different name-I can’t recall); the 1950s version was filmed largely in Halstead KS (a later for-TV version was shot in the same area).

Yeah, I’m running off at the mouth, but we Kansans have damned few things to brag about these days. . .

Let’s see . . . Rhode Island

South Carolina - The Great Santini.