Name change: "Snarkberry" becomes "Snark"

The title of this thread says it all. For those who care, my e-mail address has changed as well. :slight_smile:

I always call you Snark anyway :slight_smile:

Why the change, Mr. Berry?


I’ve converted to non-berrianism.

Seriously, everyone calls me Snark anyway, and I feel that the “berry” part makes me look like I’m promoting some kind of Kool-Aid drink. :slight_smile:

Snark. Isn’t that a cartoon animal? I’m serious. Like in the cat-in-the-hat series? Anyway,we love snark! Are you sure you’re not related to Snuffluppagus? :wink:

It’s a fictional construct of Lewis Carroll, as in “The Hunting of the Snark.”

Snuffleuphagus? Is that dude still hanging around Sesame Street? Talk about a dead-end career!

As long as you’re not a Boojum.

– Uke, softly and suddenly vanishing away

As long as this isn’t C#3’s new alias, it’s fine with me :wink:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

But I always called you Bill…!!!

Oh, well. Welcome, Snark.

No, it’s not C#3. Of this I’m fairly certain, since “Snark” is me. What more proof could you ask for than a statement from “Snarkberry” that he is “Snark”?

You can still call me “Bill,” E1. I promise not to be offended by someone calling me by my real name. :wink:

Ah, but you could really be Sterling North (of the Satanic raccoons)! :slight_smile:

I dunno if this is wise, Snark. To paraphrase Jesus “I am the vine, and you are the branches…the branch which ceases to bear fruit will be pruned and thrown into the fire…”.

You might want to keep your berries in plain view. :wink:

The overwhelming majority of people have more than the average (mean) number of legs. – E. Grebenik

…Well, it could be painful if the bears are still around…


Polycarp wrote:

I’m afraid I’ll have to give myself a big WHOOOOOSH! for not understanding the above comment. In other words: “Huh?” Is this a reference to a thread I haven’t read?

Doctor Jackson: Why do you want to see my berries? :wink:


Ealier, Sterling was playing around and tried to register Contestant #3 as a poster and it let him. Then he went on to post under that screen name and confused many people.

So, I guess Poly was saying that maybe Sterling had captured your Snarkberry name to use in his evil plots.

Let me just say, Hey, Snark.


Long story, Bill…

  1. DavidB published a summary of the rather bizarre worldview of an AIDS researcher who reminds me of Dr. Timothy Leary, except that Leary was far more down-to-earth. :wink: Included in that was a vision of glowing raccoons engaged in Satanic errands.

  2. Sterling North, the Rascal, has always had a on-the-board connection with raccoons, for obvious reasons. :slight_smile:

  3. Sterling North, in a fit of something-or-other, adopted the vacated screen name of Contestant #3, the former holder of which has gone through several screen name changes lately (and the less said about that in this thread, the better).

So it was a kind of arcane insider joke. I’d apologize, but… :wink:

Simul-post, Jeffery, but thanks for the fielding! I think you explained my logic better than I did. :slight_smile:

My gosh, then how can I prove that I am, in fact, the One True Snarkberry? Maybe if I start posting excessive messages about Mormonism or something…

they wouldn’t believe me
… uh, us …
… umm, you I mean you.
Poly, would you like your Dennis Miller Award now, or should we wait for the ceremonies?


Apropos of nothing, back in the days when AOL was PC-Link, a user whose name I will not mention except to remark that I believe he was a Connecticut lawyer and Marx Bros. fan signed on with Po1ycarp (<-note numeral 1) and had the world believing he was me (he was I? him was me? one was the other? oh, the heck with it!) for a couple of days.

Well, you could show 'em your berries… :wink: