Name change

When the board changed format, I was suntanlotion. I couldn’t log back on, so had to add the two. Can I get rid of the two? It seems “odd”.

Have you contacted a mod yet?

I think ecg is the one who would handle this, and he’s out. But you can PM him so he can get to it later.

Thank you.

Nitpick: By most definitions, it’s “even”. :wink:

I’m pretty sure you have to get poster approval as a first step. In all honesty, I think you should specify a SPF so we know who we are dealing with. Without a SPF, you could be anybody.

  1. Make a poll asking for name change approval.
  2. You need 2/3 poster approval.
  3. Then take it to ECG as proof and he will change your name.

See how easy that is? :grinning:

Still (patiently) waiting.:innocent:

It’s getting so long you might become suntanlotionthree soon!

I was told it would be worked on soon.

Someone needs to access the user admin page to merge two accounts; a regular user or moderator account cannot do this.

ECG said they would.

Thank you. I dropped a two😊