Name Game

Take any famous name, warp it, and create a blurb that describes the change.


Britney Spears, after receiving a terrifing beating, changed her name to Britney Pruninghooks, and vowed to “study war no more.”

The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, tired of hearing people mispronounce his new name, decided to hell with it and changed his name to Bob.

This isn’t exactly according to form, but I couldn’t keep it to myself.

The pop artist Cher, who plans to have herself cloned in the near future, announced that she and her clone would be known as, “Cher and Cher Alike.”

::ducks the flung tomatoes::

Jennifer Love Hewitt…finding the whole 3 name thing tiresome, changes her name to Jane Smith.

I like it, I LIKE IT! :smiley:

How about Jenifer Glove Hewitt decided to chuck show business and become a urologist.

(She also traded in her Lexus for a Probe.)

Simon Bates, the Brittish disk jockey, decided after gain his judo 5th dan to be refered to as Master Bates.

Saddam Hussein, after fleeing Iraq and several opperations is now refered to as Trixy Minx and is working as a call girl in Cairo.

Andy Dick, in an effort to establish himself as a serious actor, will from now on be known as Randy Dick.

George W. Bush, after accepting his oral-sex fixation, will now be known as Gorge A. Bush.


:confused: Um, I think I get this game…

Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, after reading up on dianetics, has introduced several new bills to the House, and changed his name to Jean Scientologue.

Heehee - good one, wolfstu!

When the IRS objected to her filling out her 1040 without a last name, Madonna officially changed her name to Ma Donna. She also considered this new name a celebration of motherhood.

In an attempt to improve its image and woo a better clientele, The Betty Ford Clinic has changed its name to, The Betty Lincoln-Mercury Clinic

Jane Seymore, after her unfortunate accident whilst running with scisors shall from now on be known as Jane Seyless.

Michael Jackson, realizing that his current alias name just wasn’t convincing any more, switched back to the use of his real name, Quornzollshnixus of the planet Scrotulus V.

Gee, thanks! ::blush::

Let’s see…

Helen Hunt, after a run-in with PETA protesters, changed her name to “Helen Catchandrelease.”

Tired of the mean-spirited jokes about his name, Carrot Top has changed his name to Red Bottom.