Name my new kitten!

With enormous undying thanks to Wile E for making [thread=431023]this adoption[/thread] possible…I now have a new kitten.
He’s an amazing bundle of energy and love. If it’s possible for him to wrap every body part around me, he will. He looks me straight in the eyes and nearly leaps up to rub his face against mine. Fuzzy mice and paper bags are no longer safe around here…he even finds his brush appealing.

I need a name for this little rascal!
Full face
Don’t let the mouse get away!
Mind your feet!
So many shoes…

Inventive names, funny ones, even sappy…I’ll take them all under consideration.
More pics to come!

His eyes have healed up nicely! He is absolutely beautiful. I think his name is Lynx.

Great pics! He looks so handsome. I’m getting a little verklempt.

He does loves shoes, doesn’t he? Like Jimmy Choo. Choo?

Be sure to call or email if you have any problems or questions.



His eyes are so big and pretty now that they’re healed - how about Eyes-enhower . . .

is he white or light gray? how about Grayg or Grayson

Really, you should let him reveal his name to you. You’ll know what it is within a few weeks - his personality will tell you what to call him. Just please nothing so trite as anything with “Snow” (no snowball, snowflake, snowy . . . ::shudder:: ) in the name, unless it’s Snowstorm - that’s kind of original-ish. How about Blizzard?

The first name that came to mind when I saw the pic was Oscar. Do you have a favorite theme we could run with?

Since he reminded me so much of my kitten, Luna. I had toyed with the idea of calling him Sol.

What a cute kitten! I’m sure he’s been a great addition to your home. Two names that I thought of when I saw him were Liam and also Wilson… both just seemed to fit him. Keep us posted on your final choice :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s overkill, but I think you should name him Wiley!!! :smiley:

Uncle Bill


Bob! Everything should be called Bob.

Bacon Salt :smiley:

It looks like a Hector to me.

Scratch, the cat.


Just don’t call him John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

That’s my name.

:eek: mine, too! :smiley:

I immediately thought of Simon.

I like all of these! Wile E would be perfect…hmmm…

Sol is dashing. Eyes-enhower is a nice pun.
Blizzard was the name of a parakeet I had, so that’s out.
I have to see more of his personality, like **anyrose ** suggests.


I have no idea why–it just fits.