name of academic formatting style?

I’m writing a university history paper, my first one since 2001, and I’ve completely forgotten how to format the footnotes and bibliography. I don’t even know what the style is called.

Can someone clue me in so I can google some guidelines? Thanks.

I’m not sure what the standard is in history. You might try Modern Language Association (MLA) style.

Chicago style is another popular one.

Chicago style is another popular one.

The American Psychological Association’s (APA) style guide is another widely used one, and not just in psychology. Maybe the best bet would be to ask the instructor what style to use.

MLA is what I was looking for, thanks.

I’m used to Harvard style, which I’ve encountered several times in philosophy.

Does anyone happen to know the name of the referencing style generally used in scientific literature? It seems to vary from journal to journal, so maybe there isn’t one – but the style is quite different from the one used in the humanities.

I’m finishing up my M.A. in History. Most History papers are written using the Chicago methods. You can usually get by using elements of style by Turabian, but I honestly think most History professors would have a problem with MLA. I think thats used more in English and Social Sciences.

Just in the interests of completeness, legal academics and editors learn to loathe “Bluebook style,” named after the color of the cover of the most common manual of legal citation.

Sorry, lollipop, but all of the Social Science classes I’ve had used APA (linguistics, political science, sociology, and geography). Except for anthropology, which has its own style of citation. Yeah, we’re wankers.

Anyway, it was my impression that MLA was something for the Humanities. I remember using it for my history papers.