Name of Fox's "Millionaire" rip-off (not Greed!)

Before anyone responds, the answer is not Greed.

I need the name of a game show that aired on Fox about 2-3 years ago. It was a blatant WWTBAM? rip-off, in which contestants could choose how much they wanted to bet on the next question. The questions were not multiple choice, but contestants could add choices as one of their lifelines. Some Asian guy who I believe was a doctor won over a million dollars, before anyone on Millionaire had ever done so. Does anyone remember the name of this show? Thank you very much.

Hmmm. Not ringing a bell. Anything else you can remember about the format? Was the host a well-known person, by any chance?

I recall the show… it was hosted by Gordon Elliott, the Australian guy who tried to be Jerry Springer, once upon a time.

The title was “Chance of Lifetime.”

Thank you!