Name that tune?

I’m going crazy trying to remember a song from the past. I’m afraid I don’t have much info on it but, thought I’d try to send it out there in the hope that somebody has a memory of it.

Early 80’s. beginning of MTV. I thought it was Squeeze but, can’t find it if it is.

The video was such that the camera slowly backed up while the band members slowly followed.

And, the only lyrics from the song that I can remember go like this; “One step in front of you…”

It’s very “Squeeze-like” song.

Any help.

I’d guess it’s One Step Ahead by Split Enz.

I’ve Been Looking For That Song For About 23 Years!!!

God Bless You!!!
Goooooood Blesssssssssssssssss Youuuuuuuuuuu!!!