name this armoured car robbery movie

I have a vague recollection of this film which I saw as a youngster sometime in the mid to late 70s, I’d say. A search of keywords was fruitless and I just don’t have that much to go on. Here’s what I remember: Some kind of super armoured car, an operator locked inside with a powered door and a vidoephone (there was a big screen and a control panel with switches and knobs etc., cool when you’re 9). The entire vehicle gets stolen, with the operator still inside, and the robbers have it in an underground hideout somewhere where they can spend time dismantling it and getting the door open, and getting the money. I take it that it was supposed to be some kind of caper/suspense movie “will the robbers get in the truck?”, “will the operator guy go nuts?”. I have no idea who the actors were or when it was originally released.


I knew it was a vague description, but no one remembers it?

How about “They Came To Rob Las Vegas” ?

It also has MANY other titles.

Sorry you had to “bump” the thread. Guess I didn’t see your posting the first time around.

wolf_meister, thanks for the answer, but I’m not sure if that’s it. The description isn’t ringing any bells for me.

I took the liberty of posting your question on the IMDB board, and one person posited that your movie might be “Intimate Power.” Here are some descriptions:

People around here really put effort into finding answers, don’t they, Earl? Thanks for the atttempt, but that movie is too new. I definitely saw this one in the 70s. When “Intimate Power” power came out I worked in a video store.

Yes we sure try. Okay I did a keyword search at IMDB and came uo with:

Armored-car 20 results
Armored-car-robbery 6 results

Armored-truck 11 results

I’m afraid you’ll have to click on those links and investigate those 37 films. If it is not there maybe you have a better description?

Good luck.

And one more that didn’t show up:

The World in My Pocket (1961)

I posted it on a movies news group and they came up with They came to rob Las Vegas

I’d still go with “They Came To Rob Las Vegas”. Just a little more information for you: they bury the armored car in the desert sand and use helicopters to “smooth out” any trace of digging, machinery, cars, etc. Does that seem familiar to you?
I do not remember any videophone but by gosh the rest of your description sure fits.
I mean how many other movies have to deal with a buried armored car with one of the guards still inside?

I guess I can’t really trust my memory since it’s so vague. “They Came To Rob Las Vegas” it is!

Now I need to rent the thing to really check it out.