Name this movie(#3,112,087)

Sorry to have to add another “name the movie” post, but this is driving me crazy. I must have seen this something like 30 years ago on the lateshow, and haven’t a clue where it’s from.

It’s a black and white movie; some people (the main character I think, and a friend) are in the local pharmacy chatting with the elderly druggist. Cut to outside (it’s night), where in the shadows a shaking, sweat drenched addict is staring at the pharmacy entrance. He pulls a revolver out of his pocket, stands there with it a few moments as if making up his mind, then goes into the drug store. He goes up to the counter window the druggist is behind and demands narcotics. That’s all I can remember.

I know these aren’t the movies you are thinking about, but this is what your description reminds me of:

Magnolia, at the beginning, with the three guys that kill the drugstore owner.

I can’t remember the name of the other, but it’s about a hispanic guy who’s wife gets murdered at a drugstore in the beginning. It’s on the tip of my tongue. (Spanish)[something] Mi.

You might be thinking of the Alfred Hitchcock movie The Wrong Man starring Henry Fonda (1956). Fonda is a NYC musician falsely accused of robbery.

Maybe Drugstore Cowboy, except not in b&w

Never mind that last one, here’s my real pick:

The Man with the Golden Arm, starring Frank Sinatra.