Name this song I head in Montreal

This is a tough one for you straightdopers, but if anyone can figure out what I am talking about it’s you guys.

Now, I traveled to Montreal for two months and I just recently got back. When I was there I often hit the local bars and clubs. When I went out to these clubs I often heard this one song played. And I want to find the name of this song.

Some clues:

**When it started everybody locked arms and swayed to the song. As if everyone knew the song (maybe an old French/Quebec folk song).

It was in French.

It was played in at least three different bars I went to.

It had a mellow tone.

This song had a very unique chorus, which included this:
“Ah ah ah!..
Ah ah ah!..
Ah ah ah!..ah ah!..ah ah!..”

One of the places where I heard this song is in a place called “Cafe Campus” (it was on Tuesday, cheap beer night). **
So if anyone knows some Old/New/Quebec/French folk song that is often played at bars and has a unique chorus which includes the word “ah” (or possibly “Ha”) used in repeat succession; then by all means, please give me it’s name. This is killing me.

You might want to ask a mod to move this to Cafe Society. They know everything about music in there.

Could it have been Valderi, Valdera ?