Name This Yaz Song, Please...

OK, what Yaz song says “Move out, don’t mess around; move out, you bring me down so move out…” or lyrics like that? One thing for sure, it repeats “move out” over and over again. But, I do not think that’s the title. As a bonus clue, I’m fairly certain this song appears on “Upstairs at Eric’s”.

Any takers? And no, it’s not Duran Duran! ( :wally )

  • Jinx

Yep you are correct it’s on one of my fav. CD’s from the 80’s…Upstairs at Eric’s by Yaz. The song is SITUATION which is the 9th track on the CD/Cassette and credits are given to Vincent Clarke and Alison Moyet for the song.

Duran Duran, please…

Yup, it’s called “Situation”. Kickass song, too.

Thanks! And, by the way, I think by mentioning Duran Duran, it keeps away all the umpires! :wink: - Jinx

Not to mention a standard at every roller skating rink in the country.

Poonther nailed it but I will add a story: my drummer is a record producer who has worked with Vince Clarke, the genius behind early Depeche Mode, Yaz and Erasure. They are buddies. My friend tells me that when Vince got started recording synths they didn’t have nearly the level of sophistication that they have now, with Cakewalk and Protools and other computer-based production tools. Vince had created his own program for synths, and when he had an idea for a song or hook, he figured it out in his head, then programmed it into a computer, selecting the four characteristics of the note - pitch, loudness, duration (well, one other thing I can’t remember) and would hand program the characteristics - without listening - just out of his head. Then he would run the program and correct what he heard. Amazing.