Names of attraction

I had this discussion with my brother recently about the types of names people are attracted to. See, he realized that he is predominately attrected to women whose first names end in a long e sound. Names like Tracey and Christie, for example. He said at least 90% of the women he’s been attracted to over the years have had names with this ending sound.

Me, I’m a little different. There’s never been one set sound that attracts me more than another in a name, but particular names definitely attract my attention. For example, I can think of crushes I’ve had on at least four guys named Tim or Timothy over the years. I never dated any of them, but the name just seems to attract me. Edward is another good name, though not one prone to crushes, only attraction.
So, are there any names you are consistently attracted to? How about names with particular sounds? I’m just wondering if we’re weird (the usual explanation) or not.

Angie…you’re beautiful…

Yeah, those e sounds work on me too.

Amy, Jamie, Emily, Wendy.

I would think it has something to do with e being some sort of diminutive so it makes women sound younger.

I believe it works for men too generally, although there are always exceptions. Bobby is young, Bob is not. Johnny is young, John is not. Billy is young, Bill is not.

The exceptions are Jerry, Larry, Lenny and Harry. All those double consonants. Although Johnny has a dounble consonant too. So there are even exceptions to the exceptions to this hypothesis.

I think I’ll stop before I confuse myself.

Hmmm…this is a good question. Lessee here:


Well, perhaps all that this proves is that I’m fairly indiscriminate when it comes to women’s names…except than I’m not generally a big fan of names that end in the “ee” sound (except for Heidi).

Also, a significant portion of these names seem to be porn star names (Carmen, Amber, Shauna, Carla, Renee). Hmm…